Symbols in Pivot Slicers

Give your report a customized look by replacing text with symbols in your Pivot Slicers. Obviously you can't do that with every Pivot Table filter. But replacing text with symbols whenever it makes sense, is actually effective in improving the readability of your report.

Excel Solver example and step-by-step explanation

Excel's Solver tool is an optimization package. It finds the optimal solution to a problem by changing multiple variables. It can solve for more complex "what-if-analysis" which Goal Seek can't. Goal seek is restricted to changing one variable, whereas with solver you can have

How to Set a Default Theme in Excel

Set your default Excel theme to the theme of your choice. How to Set a Default Theme in Excel When you create a new Excel workbook, you'll notice that it always reverts to the Office theme color by default.   However, in some cases, you might

Skip Dates in Excel Charts

How do you create gaps on the horizontal axis of a line chart when the data values are empty - i.e. contain blank cells? Excel normally fills the empty dates on the x-axis and connects the line (where the gap should be). How do

Complex Lookup: Find Header

Find Header based on Lookup Criteria in Matrix (Unique matrix values) - scroll down for non-unique method  In this tutorial I show you the answer to one of the questions that was asked some time ago on the Mr. Excel message board (the sample

Smart Uses of Custom Formatting

Use Custom Formatting instead of Conditional Formatting in Excel. Smart Uses of Custom Formatting We normally use custom formatting to show numbers with thousand separator, as percentage or even to show green for positive and red for negative values. But we hardly

Smart Uses of Custom Formatting – Part 2

Smart Uses of Custom Formatting - Part 2 Explore the possibilities of Custom Formatting with Part 2 of our guide. If you missed it, check out Part 1. CHAPTER 4: Any Symbol of your choice for Deviations

Lookup multiple criteria in rows or columns

The Complete Guide to INDEX & MATCH CHAPTER 2: Lookup multiple criteria in rows or columns Some reports involve the need to find a value from a source table using multiple criteria in rows and columns. In this example, we have a

Quick Gantt Chart

Create a Gantt Chart now in Excel with this step-by-step guide. Quick Gantt Chart A Gantt Chart is great for visualizing and presenting your project plan. But let's say, you just setup a preliminary project plan in Excel. You did that

Stacked Column With Connectors

How do you create this chart in Excel? In this video you'll learn how to add series lines to stacked column charts. Instead of series lines, you might want to add a shaded background to each of the stacked sets. We can do that