Excel Course: Excel Dashboards

Interactive Excel Dashboards: Gain Insight on Key Areas

Smart Dashboards are interactive and live, i.e. connected to your source system. Their purpose is not to distract the viewer with nice-looking formatting and colours, but to combine well-designed charts and tables into a small area on a screen or a print-out.

Effective dashboards show relevant information which allow you to get a good overview and understand numbers and trends. They are not only a time-saver but also a cost-saver. Many companies invest in additional software and implementation of tools on top of their database to create dashboards. However, with the right training, they can be designed and maintained by anyone who is an advanced Excel user. Most importantly:

No macros or VBA programming is necessary to design effective dashboards.

Excel Dashboard example Leila Gharani

What You Will Gain:

  • Design Techniques in Excel: The art of setting up a Professional and Interactive Excel Dashboard.
  • Create interactivity Without VBA: Form Controls are a great way to create interactivity and improve user-friendliness in your reports. They are not just great for dashboards but for Excel templates as well. Many avoid them, simply because they aren’t sure how to process the selection in their calculations. It’s actually quite simple, once you know how – and that takes us to the next point
  • Learn new Formulas and Techniques: There are handful of formulas that apply to pretty much every single dashboard you design. These formulas, not only help you process the selection by the From Controls but also help you grab the data you need from a large table. What you learn here is not just relevant for Excel Dashboards but can be applied to any complex lookup situation.
  • Create a Complete Functioning Dashboard: We work from scratch. You learn each concept first and then apply it to design a piece of your dashboard.
Excel Professional Dashboard for Business
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Leila teaches very well in simple step by step terms and her explanations would make anyone be able to understand the topic even when you may not be familiar with it. The teaching is step by step and complex items made easy to understand. If you are serious about learning dashboards / charts etc and creating them dynamically this is the course to take. I do not give excellent ratings generally but this course far exceeded my expectations!!
Leila Gharani Xelplus Excel

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My Training Style

It’s hand-on and interactive.

Following the saying by Confucius:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”

After covering each topic, you will complete an exercise. Especially with topics like Excel, you learn most when you make mistakes and are trying to fix them, because that is when you are most concentrated.


For an effective training, it’s best to group the participants based on their existing Excel knowledge.

The Dashboard Excel course assumes that you have been working with Excel for some time and are familiar with general Excel features and formulas.

If not, you might be interested in a more Basic or tailored Excel training.

Add a Workshop

Learning new concepts and methods at a seminar is easy, implementing them in your daily tasks is the real challenge. To support the effectiveness of the training and to make sure the new concepts are also applied in real work life, I recommend a one day workshop to be scheduled at a later date. This ensures the topics learnt will be applied to real-life cases.

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