Pivot Slicers for Dynamic Charts

Get Weekday name from date and use Slicers in Excel

Excel weekday & pivot slicer for excel dashboards

Pivot slicers can be used for pivot charts as well and they are an easy way to create interactivity in your Excel reports.

In this example I cover two topics:

How to get Weekday name from a given date

How to create a Pivot Chart controlled by a Slicer

Get Weekday text from date

First off, how can you get the weekday name from a given date. You have two options:

1. Use Excel’s weekday function


where A1 contains the date. Format the cell you are writing the formula in with this custom format: dddd

2. Use the Text function

= TEXT(A1,"dddd")

where A1 contains the date.

Pivot Chart with Pivot Slicer for Months

In the video below, I show you an example where we create a Pivot Chart that shows average closing prices for a specific stock by Weekday. We use months for the slicers so we have the ability to view one or more months depending on our selection.

In addition we customize the slicer to fit our reporting style.

Watch the video to find out how:

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