Reset Week Number Every Month (start from Week # 1 every new month)

Excel's WeekDay & WeekNum Functions Explained

Reset Weekly Number per month in ExcelIn this video I show you two ways to reset the week number to start from 1 at the beginning of every month.

1st case: We use Excel’s WEEKNUM function to start from 1 every time we reach the 1st of the next month.

2nd case: We reset the week number to 1 every time we reach the first Monday of the next month. Here we use Excel’s WEEKDAY function as the main formula driver.

In addition you will learn how to:

1. Get Week Number from a date with the WEEKNUM formula
2. How to Get the Day name from a date using the WeekDay function
3. How to use the DATE function (Year, Month, Day)

Watch the steps in this video:

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