• excel Step chart made easy

How to create a Step Chart in Excel

This tutorial is a Step by Step approach to creating a Step Chart in Excel from Scratch. You can also download the template from the link below. What is a Step Chart? A Step Chart is great for visualizing variables that change on an irregular basis. It can be used to visualize inventory or

  • infographic in excel, male, female icon in bar chart

Infographics in Excel: NOT your Usual Bar Chart

In this tutorial you learn how to create a bar chart that includes the male/female icon in a dynamic way. Let's assume you'd like to show the percentage of male/female visitors to your store - and you'd like to show it, like the image on the left hand side. Can you set this

  • Excel VBA & Excel Macros and WordArt in Excel

Excel VBA: Control WordArt Fill with Macros

How can you get this effect? Find out how you can use Excel Macros to control the fill color of Word Art in VBA. In this specific case we have a dynamic Word Art which shows a percentage value that is connected to a cell with a formula. Anytime the cell value is



  • Complex dependent Excel drop down list

Find Multiple Matches in Excel & Create a Dependent Drop Down List

The aim of this tutorial is to create a dependent drop-down list that's based on a messy Excel Table. What do I mean by an unsorted Excel table? The categories for the first drop-down are not in a tabular format and they are not grouped together. You can see an example of the

  • Excel extract unique items for drop-down

Extract unique items for dynamic data validation drop down list

Excel Formula for dynamic drop-down lists Extract unique items for dynamic data validation drop down list How can you extract unique items from a list that contains multiple instances of each item, and use this list in a dynamic dropdown so that any time a new item is added to the

Excel Dependent Drop Down List with Tabular Data

Handle dynamic data validation lists that refer to parts of your table only  Excel Dependent Drop Down List with Tabular Data without Named Ranges   There are some cases where you need to create a dependent drop down list using a source table. However, while some instances would have the list



  • Excel advanced filter a quick guide

Excel Filter: Basic to Advanced

Filter Basics First Excel's AutoFilter is a great feature to quickly display the rows in your data table that meet a certain criteria. The remaining rows that don't match your criteria are automatically hidden. Once you have your selection in view, you can edit the entries or copy the filtered list to another

  • conditional format index match formula result

Conditional Format Index Match Result

Highlight the lookup value in Excel Excel Conditional Formatting the Index Match result in a data table In some cases, it would be a good idea to highlight the result of the Index Match lookup formula inside the original data set based on a set of conditions. The tricky part is

  • Excel solver examples

Excel Solver example and step-by-step explanation

Handle complex data models and solve for the optimal solution. Excel Solver example and step-by-step explanation Excel’s Solver tool can do complex statistical modeling. There are many ways to benefit from it when you want to manipulate multiple cells to get a certain result. It can be used when solving



  • Copy Excel Formula without changing cell references

Copy Excel Formulas Without Changing Cell References

Would you like to copy your Excel formulas from one place to another without the cell references changing? Excel default behavior is to adjust the cell references when you copy a cell and paste to another one. You can choose to fix the cell reference by using the dollar sign ($). A $

  • Excel IF function

Excel IF Formula: Simple to Advanced

The IF function is one of Excel's most common Functions The IF formula performs a test and returns a value depending on the outcome of the test. The test it performs can be simple or complex depending on the problem at hand. It's one of those formulas that every Excel user should know.

  • Reset Weekly Number per month in Excel

Reset Week Number Every Month (start from Week # 1 every new month)

WeekDay & WeekNum Functions Explained Excel Reset Week Number Every Month In this tutorial I show you two ways to reset the week number to start from 1 at the beginning of every month. 1st case: We use Excel's WEEKNUM function to start from 1 every time we reach the 1st



VBA Copy Paste

Excel VBA Copy & Paste in Excel VBA (copy, pastespecial, resize & offset) This tutorial shows you how you can copy and paste with VBA.We use the copy method as well as the pastespecial method.The copy method in VBA, copies data, as well as formatting, formulas, comments etc.With the pastespecial method, you

VBA Writing To Ranges

Excel VBA Referring to Ranges & Writing to Cells in Excel VBA (Range, Cells, Offset, Names) It's important to be aware of the different ways you can write to Excel cells with VBA. The macro recorder has its own preference when writing to ranges but it's not the only way. You'll

VBA Object Properties & Methods

Excel VBA tutorial for beginners: Object Properties & Methods Understanding Objects, Properties and Methods in VBA is really important if you'd like to write your own Excel VBA code from scratch or update the VBA code you find on forums. This Excel VBA tutorial for beginners includes two lectures from my

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