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Quick Gantt Chart

How can you create a Quick Gantt Chart in Excel? A Gantt Chart is great for visualizing and presenting your project plan. But let's say, you just setup a preliminary project plan in Excel. You did that with the help of WORKDAY and NETWORKDAY functions. You now need to present this to the

  • Adding total values to stacked column charts

3 Ways to Improve Readability of Excel Stacked Charts

Add Total Values, Percentages & Dynamic Legends   There is so much potential to improve the standard Excel stacked chart. For one, adding total values outside the last stack would ease comparison between categories. Adding percentages to the stacks would also help identify and compare the stack sizes to one another. One method

  • Excel variance charts - columns, bars error bars and arrows

Excel: Better Variance Charts – Dynamic Columns, Lines & Arrows

Dynamic column and bar charts are great for showing variances. Dynamic arrows also work great here! How can you create this in Excel? In this full series you will find four ways to visualize variances. Method A: Uses a column chart with dynamic coloring of the columns to distinguish between positive and negative



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Pivot Slicers for Dynamic Charts

Pivot slicers can be used for pivot charts as well and they are an easy way to create interactivity in your Excel reports. In this example I cover two topics: How to get Weekday name from a given date How to create a Pivot Chart controlled by a Slicer Get Weekday text from

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Excel Charts: Special Excel Graphs (InfoCharts)

How can you create this chart in Excel? The first time I saw a similar chart was in a report published by Udemy called Learning Trends & predictions in 2017. They used a similar chart to the one below (this one just has sample data though). I found the chart informative, visually effective and interesting.

5 Design Tips for Better Excel Dashboards

What results do you want to show in your Excel dashboard? What should readers take away from it? These five design tips will help you showcase your data clearly and directly. Scroll down for the video. Learn how to create this interactive Excel report in the upcoming ‘Visually Effective Excel Dashboards’ Course. 1.



  • Excel Table Design Report Dashboards

Excel Table Design

Use data tables when you want the reader to look up individual values and do exact one-to-one comparisons. Data tables are ideal for effectively presenting different types of data - such as costs, quantities, ratios, etc. - all in one place.   Let’s look at the best practices when designing tables. Organize Arrange your

  • Conditional formatting in Excel using custom symbols and icon sets

Conditional Formatting Symbols

How to use Own Symbols in Excel and Conditionally Format Them You'd like to use symbols in your reports to bring attention to certain tasks or results? You find the icons available in Excel's Conditional Formatting limited? You'd like something different to make your report stand out? You can use your own custom

  • Excel array formulas

Excel Arrays: Count Unique Items with MMULT, INDIRECT & ROW Functions (Part 3/3)

You'll learn a few methods to replace the TRANSPOSE function In Part 3, I show you how you can use the INDIRECT, ROW, ADDRESS and later INDEX functions to avoid the use of TRANSPOSE which requires CSE Make sure you watch PART 1 and PART 2 before you take a peek at Part



Excel Reverse Matrix Lookup

Are you familiar with INDEX MATCH? If you're familiar with Index and Match you know how to solve a matrix lookup problem. You want to find a value inside the matrix by looking up the row and column headers. What happens though when it's reversed? You want to find the column header based

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Excel WORKDAY & NETWORKDAYS Functions: Exclude Weekends and Holidays

Excel's workday function is great when you need to calculate an end date based on a given number of working days - which means you need to exclude weekends and holidays. Some examples are: creating a project timeline creating a reporting timetable Excel's standard WORKDAY formula assumes weekends fall on Saturdays and Sundays.


VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP for Dynamic Lookups These two functions are easy to write, understand, and they’re a major time-saver for simpler lookups. The VLOOKUP function can search for a specific category or value in a table and return the “opposing” value from adjacent columns. HLOOKUP works exactly in the same way except that

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