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Hi. I’m Leila Gharani. The Excel tools we have for data analysis & visualization have never been so easy to use. We just need to learn how to use them and how to get creative with them. That’s my aim with this site.

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Latest Tutorials

PowerPoint Merge Shapes Feature

PowerPoint Merge Shapes Feature This post will highlight one of the most useful, yet underutilized tools in PowerPoint when it comes to bringing your slides to the next level. The Merge Shapes

Debits and Credits MADE EASY with ADEx LER

Debits and Credits MADE EASY with ADEx LER If you want to learn accounting, the concept of debits and credits is one of the most important to understand. But, many struggle with

Excel’s XLOOKUP – 5 Examples

Excel's XLOOKUP 5 Examples By now, you may have read about Excel’s new super lookup function called XLOOKUP. XLOOKUP has the promise of becoming the only lookup function you’ll ever need for

  • Excel Left Lookup

Excel Lookup to the Left with XLOOKUP

Left Lookup in Excel with XLOOKUP (made easy) When users learn to perform a lookup in Excel, it doesn’t take long before a situation arises that causes the user to ask… “How

Accounting Basics Explained Through a Story

Accounting Basics Explained Through a Story In this post, I'll give you an introduction to accounting by telling you a story. It's a story about Claudio, and how he runs his business

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