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Excel’s Checkboxes Are Incredibly Cool! Here’s why

Excel’s new Checkbox feature makes lists and interactive reports easier than ever. See how to add, customize, and use the new checkbox feature in a creative and interesting ways.

How to Fix Slow Excel Spreadsheets

Poor design slows down your spreadsheets. There are several frequent offenders to watch out for. Find out what they are and how you can optimize your workbooks.

Excel Essentials for the Real World – Limited Offer

Learn time-saving hacks to work smarter in Excel. Our members also consistently report a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course.

ChatGPT Prompts for Best Results

Don’t use ChatGPT without making these very important customizations. These settings will take your ChatGPT responses from generic to incredibly accurate.

Best New Excel Features

Don’t miss out on these exciting new Excel features. These will boost your productivity, improve workbook navigation and automate workflows.

Insert Image in Excel Cell (and Lookup Images)

Learn how to use the new “Image in Cell” feature in Excel to store and lookup images from cells.

Number Rows in Excel – Dynamic Solution with SEQUENCE

Learn how to create self-numbering lists for Excel tables and traditional lists using the SEQUENCE function.

Convert Excel to PDF

Learn how to save Excel data as a PDF file and the Best Practices for creating the perfect print version of Excel data.

Import Power BI Data into Excel

Learn how to export data from Power BI and use it in Excel. The data can be enhanced by Excel and receive updates from Power BI when new data is added to the Power BI Data Model.

Secret Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn some of the most useful, yet most unknown keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Increase your productivity in ways you won’t believe.

You Won’t Believe These Excel PIVOT TABLE Hacks!

Discover 10 pro hacks that will make creating pivot tables easier. Learn how to customize layouts, create dynamic reports, conduct in-depth analysis.

You WON’T BELIEVE These 10 HIDDEN Features in Excel Power Query

Learn 10 of the most productivity increasing “hidden” features of Power Query to take your skills to the next level.

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