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Excel Essentials for the Real World – Limited Offer

Learn time-saving hacks to work smarter in Excel. Our members also consistently report a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course.

You Won’t Believe These Excel PIVOT TABLE Hacks!

Discover 10 pro hacks that will make creating pivot tables easier. Learn how to customize layouts, create dynamic reports, conduct in-depth analysis.

Excel VBA and macros course cover

Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Automate ANYTHING you need done in Excel with VBA and macros. Go from Beginner to VBA Expert and design automations with confidence.

Excel Essentials for the Real World

Learn time-saving hacks to work smarter in Excel. Our members also consistently report a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course.

How to Properly Handle Dates in Excel Pivot Tables

Handling dates in Excel Pivot Tables can get tricky. How can you quickly ungroup the dates? Or get your own custom grouping for fiscal periods? How can you show all the dates including the ones with no values? This tutorial covers it all!

How to Properly Use the Excel TEXTSPLIT Function

Excel’s TEXTSPLIT function can split words into separate cells. You can have multiple delimiters, you just have to know how to define these properly. You can also do amazing things like splitting into columns and rows and internally sorting words.


Excel recently released a set of new functions like VSTACK, TEXTSPLIT and TOCOL that will have you looking forward to working with complex files and data because your life just got more exciting (at least mine did!).

Excel LAMBDAs Made Easy with the New Advanced Formula Environment (Editor)

The new Microsoft Excel Advanced Formula Add-in makes it easy to write and manage LAMBDAs in Excel.
It’s a “new” version of Name Manager and hopefully it could replace Name Manager in the future.

Forecasting in Excel Made Simple

Learn how to easily create a forecast in Excel – even if you have seasonality. It just takes one click and Excel can forecast the next months for you!

How to Include Measures (or KPIs) inside Slicers – Excel Interactive Dashboard Trick

With Pivot Charts in Microsoft Excel, you can add slicers to add interactive functionality to your dashboards. But what about adding even more interactivity? You could give the user the ability to change the relevant KPI in the chart from the slicer. You just need a tiny bit of DAX.

How to Add Text to Cell values in Excel – Add Text to Beginning or End of Cell values

You can easily add text to your cell values in Excel. You don’t have to do this manually. You have 3 easy options to choose from. The 3rd one will surprise you. You can use it in many other circumstances as well.

Excel Convert Multiple Rows to Columns (Transpose but with Multiple Values)

Pivoting columns in Excel is a common task when cleaning and organizing data. Sometimes you have a complex scenario where you have multiple values when switching columns. You’ll have to combine these multiple values into one cell. I’ll show you 3 methods to get this done.

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