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3 Hidden Tips for Excel Power Pivot

These 3 hidden Excel Power Pivot tips will help you to: Copy your data model from one file to another, create a dedicated measures table and convert your pivot table data to formulas.

4 Hidden Excel Dashboard Design Tips for Beautiful Reports

You can spend a lot of time on design and formatting when you create Excel dashboards. Discover 4 hidden tips that will make the process a lot easier.

Properly Print Excel Files with These Tips

Printing Excel sheets is really easy – you just need to know which printing option to use. There are a few important features that will address your most common Excel printing problems. For example, printing on one sheet – or how to print selected areas, how to print without the report being too small.

Practical Excel Dashboards Tips – Ideas to Get Creative

This Excel dashboard combines 4 strange features to create a dynamic and practical dashboard. It includes FILTER function with XLOOKUP, XOR function, Linked Picture as well as an Icon. You’ll find a lot of hidden gems in the way this Excel dashboard was created.

3 Handy Excel Chart Tips You Might Have Missed

Would you like to hide the data but keep your chart? Add text boxes to the chart to make it easier to read? What’s the best way of doing this? These Excel chart tips will help you.

5 Design Tips for Better Excel Dashboards

If you follow the 5 dashboard design tips you’ll learn in this tutorial, you are guaranteed to create effective, informative dashboards.

Excel Insights by 24 Excel MVPs (eBook)

Written by MVPs. Edited by MVPs. This book shares a wide variety of advanced and new techniques. Bonus videos on Data Presentation included.

Excel Black Belt course cover

Black Belt Excel Package

What would your life look like if you became an Excel Black Belt?
You’ll get the best deal with this package. It will take you from Excel Newbie to Grand Master.

Excel VBA and macros course cover

Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Automate ANYTHING you need done in Excel with VBA and macros. Go from Beginner to VBA Expert and design automations with confidence.

Excel dashboards course cover

Visually Effective Excel Dashboards

Create eye-catching Excel Dashboards with actionable tips you can use right away.

Power Pivot, Data Modelling, DAX Course Cover

Master Excel Power Pivot & DAX (Beginner to Pro)

It’s one thing to get data into Excel. It’s another to turn that data into meaningful reports.

Power Query Course

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Power Query is an Essential tool for Data Analysis. Learn to Collect and Analyze Data with Ease.

Free Guide!

The ONE Critical Excel Skill You Need in 2023

This free QuickStart guide will help you to:

  • Pinpoint the skill you should work on now
  • Understand how this skill can help you
  • Find the optimal learning path to master this skill