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Import Power BI Data into Excel

Learn how to export data from Power BI and use it in Excel. The data can be enhanced by Excel and receive updates from Power BI when new data is added to the Power BI Data Model.

Financial Modelling in Power BI (eBook)

You’d like to create financial models in Power BI? This eBook will teach you how. Download the templates and get started today!

How to Add a Slicer in Power BI

Power BI Slicers add interactivity to your reports. Managers love to slice and dice. But which Power BI slicers are available? Which should you choose? This tutorial will make you a master in Power BI slicers.

Power BI – How to add Drill Through to Reports

Power BI’s Drill Through is a special filter that takes you from the overview page to the cross-filtered details page of the report. Learn how to set it up so that you’re never taken by surprise during a presentation with requests to drill deeper into data.

What is Power BI?

What is Power BI? What is Power BI used for? You see, there is a reason why companies are investing more and more in Power BI projects. Actually, there are 4 reasons why Power BI is preferred to the competition. This tutorial explains it all in plain English.

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Fast Track to Power BI

Stay ahead of the game in 2024.
Get access to our best-selling Power BI course now and become a highly sought-after Power BI professional.
This course gets you started in Power BI – Fast!

Present Power BI Reports in PowerPoint

With the new Power BI integration for PowerPoint, you get to embed your live Power BI dashboard in your PowerPoint presentation. The process is smooth. Check it out in this complete tutorial.

10 Power BI Tips & Tricks

Power BI can do THAT? Learn 10 quick tips to enhance your Power BI dashboards: Conditionally format charts, create a separate measures table, customize your own tool tips and a lot more.

How to Use Power BI – Beginner’s Guide

Get started with Power BI now by creating your first dashboard. Download the free files, follow along and in 20 minutes you’ll have setup your interactive dashboard which you’ve published to the web!

How to Combine Files From a Folder with Excel Power Query

Learn the easiest way to combine multiple Excel files into one Workbook. With Power Query you can import files directly from a folder and append them into one table or Pivot Table. It just takes a few clicks.

You WON’T BELIEVE These 10 HIDDEN Features in Excel Power Query

Learn 10 of the most productivity increasing “hidden” features of Power Query to take your skills to the next level.

Automate With Power Query – Recipes to solve business data challenges

Do you want to become more confident using Power Query and automate your entire data workflow? Join this course and learn from real-world scenarios.

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The ONE Critical Excel Skill You Need

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