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You WON’T BELIEVE These 10 HIDDEN Features in Excel Power Query

Learn 10 of the most productivity increasing “hidden” features of Power Query to take your skills to the next level.

Automate With Power Query – Recipes to solve business data challenges

Do you want to become more confident using Power Query and automate your entire data workflow? Join this course and learn from real-world scenarios.

Power Query Course

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Power Query is essential for Excel users who work with lots of data. This course teaches you how to use Excel in Power Mode and create meaningful reports with far less effort.

How to Repeat Table Values x Times Using Power Query

With this trick you can easily combine and repeat blocks of values together in Excel. You don’t need copy pasting or complicated formulas. Just a tiny bit of Power Query. This keeps your solution dynamic too.

How to Import Emails from Outlook to Excel with Power Query

Learn how to easily export your Outlook emails into Excel. No VBA or Add-ins are necessary. I’ll show you how to create a connection to any Outlook folder (or your full inbox) so you can easily import Outlook data to Excel.

How to Work with Time in Excel Power Query

Working with time in Excel – for example calculating hours worked or summing or subtracting time can get tricky with Excel formulas. Let me show you how Power Query can easily do these for you.

Create Excel Filled Map Charts with Power Query

Go from raw data to a filled map chart in Excel. Power Query will help summarize the data and make the whole process dynamic. Use Excel filled maps to create an impressive visualization for your reports.

What is Power Query and Why Should You Use It?

What can Excel Power Query do for you? It can help you in more ways than you think. Not only can you import big data from different locations, but you can also replace complex formulas with a few clicks.

How to Transform Text with Power Query – Upper Case, Split Text or Format Text Easily

Discover the Easiest way to transform text in Excel. Separate words, split cells by delimiter, extract text after space, extract numbers from text and a lot more. Excel Power Query has powerful text transformation options.

How to Combine Files From a Folder with Excel Power Query

Learn the easiest way to combine multiple Excel files into one Workbook. With Power Query you can import files directly from a folder and append them into one table or Pivot Table. It just takes a few clicks.

How to Switch Data in Columns to Rows in Excel with Power Query

Here is the easiest way you can switch data from columns to rows in Excel. It involves NO formulas, NO Transpose – just simply UNPIVOT with Get & Transform. After-all tabular data sets are easier to work with.

All Tutorials in One File at XelPlus

Free Excel Tutorials (Power Query Hack Included)

Find the links to helpful and free Excel tutorials all in one place. These include videos, articles and downloadable Excel files. Whenever you get stuck, refer to this list.

Free Guide!

The ONE Critical Excel Skill You Need

This free Excel guide will help you to:

  • Pinpoint the Excel skill you should work on now
  • Understand how this skill can help you
  • Find the optimal learning path to master this skill