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For a long time, VLOOKUP was the go-to way to find things in Excel. But now that more people can use XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP’s top spot is in question. XLOOKUP is a newer, better tool for looking up things in Excel. It’s more powerful than VLOOKUP. Let’s compare the two.


This is the list of the most useful Excel Functions you need to know in 2021. There are the new functions available in Excel for Microsoft 365 and also on Excel for the web (available for free).

How to Use Excel XLOOKUP Function – 5 Examples

Excel’s New & Improved XLOOKUP function will be the answer to most of your Excel Lookup problems. Learn from these 5 examples to see how you can apply the new XLOOKUP function to your files.

How to do a Left LOOKUP with XLOOKUP

If you’d like to do a lookup to the left in Excel use the new XLOOKUP function. Forget about using INDEX MATCH or a VLOOKUP workaround. Just go with XLOOKUP.

Excel XLOOKUP Function

Discover what Excel’s NEW XLOOKUP Function can do for you and how it can help you with your Excel lookup problem. In this example we use XLOOKUP to lookup values on another sheet (Yes – No more VLOOKUP for these tasks!)

VLOOKUP Function

Explore Excel’s VLOOKUP function with this detailed guide. Master the art of searching and retrieving spreadsheet data, from basics to advanced techniques. Ideal for enhancing Excel skills and boosting productivity. Start using VLOOKUP with confidence today.

Excel Dashboard to Track Budget and Actuals with Variances

Learn to build a budget vs actual dashboard in Excel. Master key formulas and chart customization for effective year-over-year variance analysis.

Guerilla data analysis eBook

Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel (eBook)

Upgrade your Excel knowledge with this guide.
Perfect for any skill level. Dive into hands-on analysis with real-world cases and tools.

Excel Essentials for the Real World – Limited Offer

Learn time-saving hacks to work smarter in Excel. Our members also consistently report a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course.

How to Write Better ChatGPT Prompts

Don’t use ChatGPT without making these very important customizations. These settings will take your ChatGPT responses from generic to incredibly accurate.

Insert Image in Excel Cell (and Lookup Images)

Learn how to use the new “Image in Cell” feature in Excel to store and lookup images from cells.

Excel Insights by 24 Excel MVPs (eBook)

Written by MVPs. Edited by MVPs. This book shares a wide variety of advanced and new techniques. Bonus videos on Data Presentation included.

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