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The (hidden) Problem

  • Users are Not Aware of What They DON’T Know: Lack of awareness of useful features and functions results in inefficient and slow spreadsheets.
  • Too Much Manual Work: Working in Excel can be tiresome. Specially when you have to repeat the same task over and over again. Slow spreadsheets are also another cause of frustration. In many cases it’s only a matter of using the right functions & tools for the right task.
  • Too Many Systems: What happens when you don’t know Excel’s potential? It’s likely you’ll introduce another system to handle what Excel can’t. But what if it can do what you want it to do? You could end up saving a lot of money.

Custom Training Can Overcome This

  • Concentrate on Relevant Topics: We will not cover functionalities that are irrelevant to your work. Only what you need to improve your existing procedures.
  • Improve Existing Spreadsheets: Learn new functionalities and techniques to optimize your current Excel spreadsheets.
  • Increase Awareness: Knowing what Excel is capable of, allows you to come up with new ideas and possibilities for your projects.


  • Choose Your Spreadsheets: Send me one or more of your sample or “problem” spreadsheets
  • Receive my Proposal: Based on this, I propose the training content that is most suited to your needs.
  • Learn by doing: I design hands-on exercises to ensure each topic is sufficiently covered.
Learn Advanced Excel Formulas with Leila Gharani
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One thing I liked about Leila’s Advanced Excel training was the practical and systematic approach. The training included lots of examples and exercises, many of which were based on our files. Leila’s great knowledge and enthusiasm is a highly motivating factor for anyone getting trained by her. She can explain complicated issues in a way that they seem easy and understandable. I have learnt new ways to improve my Excel skills which I need for my everyday work. I am encouraged to learn more and improve further. I definitely recommend the training.
Maja Mahler-Hutter, Europe & International Controlling, Mondi AG / Austria

Advanced Excel Skills are Highly Relevant in Business

An average Excel user can comfortably use spreadsheets to analyse information. An advanced Excel user is aware of the various tools and features available and can apply the right tools for the right task, instead of relying on their go-to tools and making them work for every situation. This makes them more efficient in their work, which ends up saving time and mistakes down the road.

The main problem with Excel is that although as a program it is reasonably robust, the spreadsheets that people create can be incredibly fragile. Once these fragile spreadsheets enter your departments circulation, they stay. No one has the time to revise them. Prevention is the optimum solution. All it takes is a tailored training for your team.

You’d Rather Start with a Standard Excel Training?

No problem! There is a handful of Excel features and functions I believe every user who works with Excel on a frequent basis should know of.

This would be our agenda:

  • Top 10 tips that can save you time: From worksheet navigation tips to inspecting your documents for hidden information. Take what you like to become more efficient.
  • Top 10 Excel formulas every Excel user analyzing data should know: Go beyond VLOOKUP to INDEX & MATCH and other useful functions for more complicated matrix look ups. They will help you make better reports. We will top it off with the most useful text and date formulas. With these functions you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need to handle any situation that requires you to analyze data.
  • The benefits of Excel Tables
  • Conditional formatting
  • Name Manager and why it’s useful
  • Choose between Pivot tables or Goal Seek
Leila Gharani Xelplus.com

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My Training Style

It’s hand-on and interactive.

Following the saying by Confucius:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”

After covering each topic, you will complete an exercise. Especially with topics like Excel, you learn most when you make mistakes and are trying to fix them, because that is when you are most concentrated.


For an effective training, it’s best to group the participants based on their existing Excel knowledge.

The Advanced Excel course assumes that you have been working with Excel for some time and are familiar with general Excel features and formulas.

If not, you might be interested in a more Basic Excel training. If you are somewhere between Basic and Advanced, you might want to customize the course contents.

Add a Workshop

Learning new concepts and methods at a seminar is easy, implementing them in your daily tasks is the real challenge. To support the effectiveness of the training and to make sure the new concepts are also applied in real work life, I recommend a one day workshop to be scheduled at a later date. This ensures the topics learnt will be applied to real-life cases.

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