MAXIFS MINIFS with Multiple Criteria

Excel MAXIFS MINIFS (MAX MIN with Multiple Criteria) Finding the largest or smallest value in a set is one of the first tasks beginning Excel users discover.  Just after the SUM function, the MAX and MIN functions quickly become one of the

Excel Hyperlink

ALL YOU Need to Know About Excel HYPERLINKS (Function & Feature) Hyperlinks!  They’re everywhere…even in Excel! “But Excel isn’t a Web browser.  How can hyperlinks be of any value?” Here are the skills we will learn to take advantage of Excel hyperlinks:

Excel Fun – Mosaic Chart

GUESS what's HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick) Who says Excel can’t be fun? We will show how you can bring some fun to your next meeting or lecture using only Excel and some creative uses of Excel features. We want to play

Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Chart

Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Chart 3 Views (Plan, Actual & Progress) in 1 View This article will show how to create a Gantt Chart in Excel that displays Actual and Planned task information in a single view.  The chart will

Sum Cells by Color

Sum Cells by Color In this VBA tutorial we will look at a way to sum cells based on their background color. Unfortunately, Excel does not possess a function that will provide this functionality. So how will we get this to work?


Use PowerPoint SLIDE ZOOM the RIGHT WAY Imagine walking into a meeting and seeing that the speaker is about to embark on a PowerPoint journey.  The first thought you may have is, “Oh, no!  Not another PowerPoint slideshow. I’d rather watch a

Unprotect Cells by Color

Lock Cells & Protect Worksheet EVEN by Cell Color! This post will demonstrate how to lock and unlock cells.  That doesn’t sound like much to read about, but there’s a twist. We’re going to look at the basics of cell protection, which

CHOOSE the RIGHT Chart Animation in PowerPoint

CHOOSE the RIGHT Chart Animation in PowerPoint Have you ever been tasked with presenting a chart or a graph in a meeting? If you are using PowerPoint during the presentation, the way you setup the PowerPoint slide matters. Let’s look and a

Excel Dynamic Arrays Filter Function

LOOKUP ALL values b/w two dates (Excel Dynamic Arrays Filter Function to return many match results) Extracting records from a data set that matches defined criteria is a skill most users acquire early in their learning.  This usually takes the form of

Excel Data Entry Form

SUPER EASY Excel Data Entry Form (NO VBA) In this post we will look at creating data entry forms in Excel. The best part is… NO VBA! Suppose you need to input data into an Excel table and you want to make