Google Sheets vs Excel

Is Google Sheets the right spreadsheet application for you? Or should you go with Excel? Here is a list of 10 features where Google Sheets beats Excel. It's a mix of Google sheets basic to advanced functions and hidden features.

PowerPoint Hacks

Do you know these 5 PowerPoint hacks? With these you can get your PowerPoint presentation done a lot faster. Not only that, but your presentation will also look more professional.

Excel Histogram Chart

Histogram charts are easy to make in Excel. It might not be straightforward though how to adjust the bin numbers. It's really easy once you know. Check out this quick tutorial.

Free Excel Add-Ins

There are some things we wished we could do in Excel. Did you know you have access to absolutely FREE Excel add-ins which can improve your reporting, data analysis and make your life a LOT easier? I share my top 6 picks in this post.

Power Query – Time Calculations

Working with time in Excel - for example calculating hours worked or summing or subtracting time can get tricky with Excel formulas. Did you know you can do this with a click of a few buttons? Let me show you how Power Query can easily do these for you.

Excel’s New LET Function

The new Excel LET function can make your formulas easier to read. PLUS it can improve the performance of your formulas so they run faster. How should you use this function and does it really make your files faster?

Excel Filter Function Trick Using Non-Adjacent Columns

Are you up for a really cool trick with Excel's new FILTER function? With this, you can get multiple match results from non-adjacent columns in a simple, dynamic way! You can also use it to get unique values from different columns. Check out the full article.

Combine Excel Sheets with Power Query

Can you easily combine & clean data from multiple Excel sheets into a single table or Pivot Table? You can easily get this done in Excel with Get & Transform (aka Power Query). Check out the full post.

Excel Conditional Bar Charts

Properly show the variance to previous period using conditionally formatted bar charts. There is a simple trick to getting the negative bars in a different color to positive bars. You'll also discover a bonus trick to conditionally format any bars based on a logic.

Excel Advanced Unpivot Techniques

You can easily use Excel Power Query to transpose a data-set with multiple row headers from multiple columns to rows. Find out how in this quick tutorial.