Excel Basics for Data Analysis

Excel is one of the most essential tools of the workplace

Excel fundamental training for data analysis

Workplaces use Excel not just as a functional tool but also as a decision tool. Reports are built in Excel. Problems are solved using Excel.

The beauty of Excel is that it can have many purposes. It can be anything you want, from a calculator to a visualization tool, a data convertor, a decision support tool, a report creator, a dashboard, and even a customized program with the purpose that you define.

However, the problem is that because it’s so easy to use it’s generally misused. To create a spreadsheet you don’t need special knowledge or be advanced. The Excel product itself is aimed to work for any type of user independent of level of knowledge. That’s where inefficiency breeds. A file is somehow thrown together to solve an ad-hoc request, but then the ad-hoc request becomes a report. It gets expanded on, then given to the next colleagues who then update the file based on their level of knowledge and pass it on further. At which point no one really understands how the file works, but somehow it still works until something goes wrong: it becomes increasingly slow or it crashes.

The aim of this basic course is to give you the tools and the knowledge you need to avoid creating inefficient files. To teach you the fundamentals of building spreadsheet reports and provide you the building blocks for doing advanced analysis. Keep in mind that because Excel can do so much it’s difficult to create a course to teach it all. The key is that as a data evaluator regardless of your department or function, whether it is finance, accounting, IT, sales, procurement, marketing or HR there are certain Excel functions and features that can help you become more productive and self-reliant.


To make you comfortable, fast and efficient with Excel. To be able to confidently create a report based on a data set and to work with spreadsheets that have been handed over to you from other colleagues.


2 day course

Customize it

In case the Excel knowledge of your team or department is somewhere between Basic and Advanced you can pick the topics that you’d like to cover and to receive a fully customized training for your employees. If you are interested, send me an email. Alternatively you’ll find more information on customization here.


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