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  • Do you want your team to do their work faster?
  • Do you wish to reduce the back-and-forth between team members?
  • When you ask for a chart or graphic, do you want it faster?
  • Want to stop worry about numbers being accurate?
  • Want your team members to step up in meetings, take charge, and contribute more?

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For our business customers we offer:

  • Custom offers depending on the number of licenses
  • Ability to pay for multiple licenses with one payment
  • Direct wire transfer in the EU (as well as payments in EUR)
  • Specific invoicing
  • For bigger accounts we provide pre and post assessment tests as well as student progress reports

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Leila Gharani

Hi, I’m Leila Gharani, the founder of XelPlus. I love Excel but can’t stand when it’s taught to me like I’m a robot. Around here, we teach technical topics in plain-English so it’s easy to understand. If that speaks to you, read more about our approach.

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