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All Excel Courses (Power Pivot & Power Query Included)

Get All of Leila’s Excel Courses in ONE Package.

Become the Go-To Excel Expert at your work. Plus you’ll have all this knowledge at your fingertips.

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Master the POWER Side of Excel

(Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX )

If you’re responsible for analyzing data and creating reports, you need the Power bundle.

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My Excel knowledge is improved a lot after 8 courses.

My work is much faster and easier prepared and the presentations are much more appreciated. Now I can easily handle very big databases without any problem, prepare fantastic charts and use formulas that can facilitate the search of results in a very short time.

Moreover, the same activities are now handled by some VBA programs. Finally, the latest new 365 formulas and “spill” are other powerful tools in my hands. So, a lot of improvements for me. Thanks

Andrea De Gennaro


Power Pivot DAX Course Leila

Master Excel POWER PIVOT & DAX (Beginner to Pro)

Leverage Excel’s Data Model, Power Pivot & DAX to quickly create reports on large and scattered data which others find impossible to do.

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Master Excel POWER QUERY – Beginner to Pro (Including M)

Use Power Query like an Expert right from the start! Replace manual & complex tasks with the click of the “refresh” button.

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Excel Essentials Course Thumbnail

Excel Essentials for the REAL World (Get Started Right)

Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps / Packed with Challenges & Files (Excel 2016, 2019, Office 365)

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Master Excel Functions in Office 365 – Excel Dynamic Arrays

NO MORE writing complex functions! The new Functions in Excel 365 like FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE & XLOOKUP make it all EASY.

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Google Sheets – The Comprehensive Masterclass

More companies are looking for professionals with solid Google Sheets knowledge. Go from Beginner to Expert with this hands-on course.

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Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Achieve More. Save time.

Real-World Projects & Workbooks included. Automate Complex Tasks with Excel VBA & Macros.

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During the course, I came across a problem that my boss showed me that I’ve spotted right away I could solve it with DAX! I asked him for the raw data and it turned out that the solution I found was with a very complex measure!

When I found the solution and it worked I just jumped screaming around the office to tell everybody about what I did! I just couldn’t explain my happiness and my co-workers just smiled and said: “OK, good for you!” Eheheheh…

Can’t wait to show it to my boss…

André Pereira