Excel Histogram Chart

Histogram charts are easy to make in Excel. It might not be straightforward though how to adjust the bin numbers. It's really easy once you know. Check out this quick tutorial.

Excel Conditional Bar Charts

Properly show the variance to previous period using conditionally formatted bar charts. There is a simple trick to getting the negative bars in a different color to positive bars. You'll also discover a bonus trick to conditionally format any bars based on a logic.

Excel Filled Map Chart Using Power Query

Go from raw data to a filled map chart in Excel. Power Query will help summarize the data and make the whole process dynamic. Use Excel filled maps to create an impressive visualization for your reports.

Excel Hidden Dashboard Tips

You can spend a lot of time on design and formatting when you create dashboards in Excel. Discover 4 hidden tips that will make the process a lot easier.

Excel Dynamic Sorted Chart

Create an automatically sorted Excel bar chart that ALSO lets you hide and show categories based on a flag in the cell. It's super easy with Excel dynamic arrays.

Excel Dynamic Organizational Chart

Quickly create a data linked organizational chart in Excel with this new free tool available in Excel for Office 365. This free Visio addin can take data from an Excel table and visualize it as an Org chart.

Excel DGET Function

Quickly learn how to use Excel's DGET Function to lookup one or more criteria. DGET can also do a left lookup (unlike VLOOKUP). It's a forgotten Excel database function. Can you apply DGET to a range of cells? Find out in this article.

Progress Circle using Excel Doughnut Chart

Progress Circle using Excel Doughnut Chart When displaying progress, it is common to represent the percentage complete with an advancing bar. To make the visual more interesting, we can connect the ends together and form a circle. This looks eerily like an

Excel Fun – Mosaic Chart

GUESS what's HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick) Who says Excel can’t be fun? We will show how you can bring some fun to your next meeting or lecture using only Excel and some creative uses of Excel features. We want to play

Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Chart

Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Chart 3 Views (Plan, Actual & Progress) in 1 View This article will show how to create a Gantt Chart in Excel that displays Actual and Planned task information in a single view.  The chart will