Creative Infographics in Excel

Creative infographics in Excel (Male, Female icons) Using fillable icons on charts is a good way to visualize data. In this example, the male and female icons will be used. To do this:Set up the data tableInsert a clustered column chartInsert icons into

How to create a Step Chart in Excel

This tutorial is a Step by Step approach to creating a Step Chart in Excel from Scratch. You can also download the template from the link below. What is a Step Chart? A Step Chart is great for visualizing variables that change on an

Infographics in Excel: NOT your Usual Bar Chart

In this tutorial you learn how to create a bar chart that includes the male/female icon in a dynamic way. Let's assume you'd like to show the percentage of male/female visitors to your store - and you'd like to show it, like the image

Excel VBA: Control WordArt Fill with Macros

How can you get this effect? Find out how you can use Excel Macros to control the fill color of Word Art in VBA. In this specific case we have a dynamic Word Art which shows a percentage value that is connected to a

Dynamic WordArt in Excel with Bar in Bar Chart

Let's get creative with Excel! In this tutorial we're going to combine Word Art together with Excel charts to create an impressive progress bar. This progress bar is a part of the % sign of our Word Art. The result is the icon for

Dynamic Map with Drop-Down

Dynamic Map with Drop-Down Map Charts are used widely in Excel to visualize a specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and show their distribution across multiple geographical regions for a chosen category: for example, company, division or product. In

Excel Clustered Column AND Stacked Combination Chart

How can you create this chart in Excel? At first it seems relatively easy to setup. After all, column charts are one of the most used charts in Excel. But once you start to set it up, you realize that in Excel, you can

Excel Dynamic Chart with Drop-Down

Column graph with average line Excel Dynamic Chart with Drop down List Learn how to create an interactive chart in Excel that switches views depending on the selection from the drop-down list. In addition to creating dynamic chart ranges, I also show

Optimized Excel Line Charts: Prevent Drop to Zero

You'll face two main problems when creating dynamic line charts in Excel: Problem 1: Line series crashes to zero once you attempt to cut-off the series from a certain point. For example you'd like to control the length of the line based on a

Charts Basics

Learn the Basics for a Quick Start Charts Basics Given a set of data shown below, there are multiple ways to insert a new chart. Mark your data set first To insert a chart, highlight the