4 Excel Settings

Excel comes with default settings and options. You can easily change these by going to File / Options. Why should you? To support your workflow and be more productive. This post has my list of options you need to review.

Excel Organizational Data Types

Organizational data types allow you to create your own rich custom data types in the Excel Ribbon. Technically you‘d create them in Power BI and have them show up in the Excel Menu of your team members. This tutorial show you what organizational data types are and you can set them up from scratch.

Excel VSTACK Function

This is a real-life example of Excel's VSTACK function. Quickly stack data from multiple sheets (even as many as 15 sheets!), filter out blank cells and even sort the summary table.

Excel Pivot Table Date Grouping

Handling dates in Excel Pivot Tables can get tricky. How can you quickly ungroup the dates? Or get your own custom grouping for fiscal periods? How can you show all the dates including the ones with no values? This tutorial covers it all!

Lock and Unlock Cells in Excel

Lock & Unlock Cells in Microsoft Excel If you create spreadsheets for other people to use, you may have some experience with those people deleting or changing your formulas or other aspects of your workbook. Not only is it frustrating to have

Excel Advanced Formula Editor Lambda

The new Microsoft Excel Advanced Formula Add-in makes it easy to write and manage LAMBDAs in Excel. It's a "new" version of Name Manager and hopefully it could replace Name Manager in the future.

Searchable Drop-Down Lists in Excel

It takes ZERO effort to now get searchable drop-down lists in Excel. Excel's data validation list now offers autocomplete by default. Empty cells are skipped too! This is all for desktop and online version. Check out this post to find out more.

How to Use Power BI

Get started with Power BI now by creating your first dashboard. Download the free files, follow along and in 20 minutes you'll have setup your interactive dashboard which you've published to the web!

Office 2021 new Features

Here's why you should upgrade to Office 2021 if you're on 2019 or 2016 (and for some reason you can't upgrade to 365). You get life-changing Excel functions like XLOOKUP, UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT and a lot more. I cover what you get when you upgrade in this post.