Microsoft Excel Justify

The QUICKEST & EASIEST Way to Work with TEXT in Excel Justify Feature When creating a solution for a user, it’s a good idea to give the user an instruction sheet.  This is not an issue in Word, but it can

Excel Hyperlink

ALL YOU Need to Know About Excel HYPERLINKS (Function & Feature) Hyperlinks!  They’re everywhere…even in Excel! “But Excel isn’t a Web browser.  How can hyperlinks be of any value?” Here are the skills we will learn to take advantage of Excel hyperlinks:

Excel Fun – Mosaic Chart

GUESS what's HIDDEN in Excel? (Cool Trick) Who says Excel can’t be fun? We will show how you can bring some fun to your next meeting or lecture using only Excel and some creative uses of Excel features. We want to play

Unprotect Cells by Color

Lock Cells & Protect Worksheet EVEN by Cell Color! This post will demonstrate how to lock and unlock cells.  That doesn’t sound like much to read about, but there’s a twist. We’re going to look at the basics of cell protection, which

Excel Data Entry Form

SUPER EASY Excel Data Entry Form (NO VBA) In this post we will look at creating data entry forms in Excel. The best part is… NO VBA! Suppose you need to input data into an Excel table and you want to make

Why you SHOULD be USING Custom Number Formatting

Why you SHOULD be USING Custom Number Formatting in Excel Let’s see a few Excel Custom Number Formatting tips that will not only save you time, but also help you avoid common spreadsheet mistakes. First, we’ll see the formatting in action and


Excel HACK: Change HORIZONTAL Data to VERTICAL (NO Transpose Function needed) Efficiency is a key objective here at XelPlus, but sometimes even the best of us miss the mark. In a previous post, we discussed three different ways to transpose data in

Excel shortcut keys you SHOULD know!

Excel shortcut keys you SHOULD know! This post‘s topic is one the most requested topics for the site. SHORTCUTS!!!! These are keyboard shortcuts that EVERY Excel user needs to know, practice, and commit to muscle memory. From the beginning Excel user to

Learning Excel Custom Number Formatting

Learning Custom Number Formatting – One of Excel’s Magical Mystery Tours Typing data in Excel can have the same result as typing a letter on a typewriter – what you see is what you get – commonly referred to as “WYSIWYG”. Unlike