Excel vs. Google Sheets

Let's take a look at 10 Excel features that are better than Google Sheets. This post is like a "top 10 tips and tricks" type of post. Even if you're currently using Excel, you might discover new tips you can use.

Free Excel Add-Ins

There are some things we wished we could do in Excel. Did you know you have access to absolutely FREE Excel add-ins which can improve your reporting, data analysis and make your life a LOT easier? I share my top 6 picks in this post.

Pivot Tables in 10 Minutes

Learn how to use Excel Pivot Tables to quickly summarize your data and create meaningful reports. In 10 minutes we cover everything you need to know about Pivot Tables.

Excel Hidden Dashboard Tips

You can spend a lot of time on design and formatting when you create dashboards in Excel. Discover 4 hidden tips that will make the process a lot easier.

OneNote Tips and Features

Learn how to use OneNote effectively so you can get the most out of it. OneNote is a great tool to stay organized but it has a lot of hidden features. Read the article to find out more.

Excel Cell Modes

This Excel topic is not talked about often: Excel Cell Modes. Once you know which mode you're in: Ready, Enter, Point or Edit, it will be easier to decide whether to use the arrow keys or switch your mode first.

Ideas in Excel

The "Ideas" button in Excel gives you much more than just some information about your data. It actually creates helpful reports for you using artificial intelligence.

Windows 10 Top Tips & Tricks

Uncover Windows 10 most useful features in this summarized article. Some of these are what I consider hidden features of Windows 10. Super simple to use BUT not easy to find!

Highlight Range with Blank Cells

You probably know the quickest way to select a column of data in Excel is with the shortcut CTRL + Shift + ⯆. But what do you do if that column includes blank cells and you'd like to highlight the entire column of data? Check out this post to find out.

Excel Printing Repeat Header Rows

As explored in a previous post (Your Excel Printing Problems, Solved!), we outlined the reasons why printing in Excel is a bit trickier than printing in Word.