Excel’s New LET Function

The new Excel LET function can make your formulas easier to read. PLUS it can improve the performance of your formulas so they run faster. How should you use this function and does it really make your files faster?

Excel Filter Function Trick Using Non-Adjacent Columns

Are you up for a really cool trick with Excel's new FILTER function? With this, you can get multiple match results from non-adjacent columns in a simple, dynamic way! You can also use it to get unique values from different columns. Check out the full article.

Excel IFS Function

The IF function is one of the most popular functions in Excel. But what about the IFS function? Does it really make writing nested IF functions easier? Let's find out.

Excel Multiple Match Results Simple

If you don't have the Filter function in Excel, you need to check out this easy formula approach to get multiple match results in Excel. Download the workbook and use the version that fits your example best.

Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists on Every Row

Create multiple dependent drop-down lists in Excel that you can copy to every row. You'll also learn how to exclude the blank cells on the bottom to make sure each list is restricted to the number of categories available.

Excel Dynamic Sorted Chart

Create an automatically sorted Excel bar chart that ALSO lets you hide and show categories based on a flag in the cell. It's super easy with Excel dynamic arrays.

Excel’s Secret Count Text Trick

Check out this Excel formula hack to count text cells only. This mysterious syntax, excludes blank cells, numbers and also cells with formulas that result in an empty string.

Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money “A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.” It’s a saying that is true for any business as well as your own personal finances.  It’s a simple principle that has a fancy name…Time Value of Money.

Calculating Returns for a Rental Property

Properly calculate returns on your rental property investment. This free Excel ROI calculator, makes it easy for you. In fact, you can use it to calculate the returns on any type of investment.

Excel Cell References

In the beginning days for any Excel user, there seems to be an unavoidable event that occurs. You’re cruising along typing in data and writing simple formulas. Then you are shown that a formula can be repeated across many rows of data using Fill Series or copy/paste. But then, IT happens!