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This Is The ONLY Google Sheets Course You Will Ever Need!

Because this comprehensive online course is going to teach you everything you need to know.

From data collection, automation, to proper data analysis and visualization. Get access and start using Sheets like a pro.

Our courses transform careers in EVERY industry

I work at Reddit and was given a Jira dataset. I needed to make sense of it and make a dashboard for leadership. We were on a 30 day trial for Domo which provided great dashboards but it cost $50K.

Over the holiday break I busted my butt to learn more formulas and built a dashboard. Showed my manager yesterday and he loves it and wants to add more data points.

We are letting the 30 days run out and will save the company $50K 🙂

Bryan Engel

Why Learn Google Sheets?

Since 2020, online collaboration has become a fundamental part of our daily work. Consequently, corporations have turned to spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets to help them collaborate in real-time with ease.

On the job market there is more demand for Google Sheets professionals. In the past it was only Excel.

Knowing one spreadsheet application is not enough if we want to be successful in these changing times.

This Will Happen By The End Of The Course!

Here is what you can look forward to:

  1. You’ll be a confident spreadsheet user.
  2. You’ll be the one who brings solutions to the table, rather than problems.
  3. You can tackle complex data analysis with ease.
  4. You’ll create interactive and compelling dashboards.
  5. You’ll know the right way to approach a problem.

How you will learn:

  • Lots of challenges & exercises
  • Practice activities where you need to find the mistakes
  • Quizzes
  • You get access to ALL the files I use: the START files so you can follow along with me, and additionally, the SOLUTION files in case you get stuck.
  • If you’re a current spreadsheet user take the pre-assessment quiz to discover your weak spots.

I promise, we’ll have fun!

I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, even though I’ve been using Google Sheets since 2013 and I am a “Product Expert for Sheets” at the Google Product Forums.

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Leila is a fantastic educator. She has a deep understanding of the material and therefore understands to explain complex functions and relationships in a way that everybody can understand it.

Gil Paz

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You’ll find that the course alone is A+

Your experience will be enhanced further by these four bonuses.

Bonus 1

Do you know Excel well and don’t want to start from scratch in Sheets?

We’ve created an Excel-to-Sheets checklist for you.

This checklist includes the lectures you need to cover to master Sheets. Follow the checklist so you don’t have to watch videos on topics you already know (available immediately).

Learning Path for those that know Excel and want to quickly learn Google Sheets

Bonus 2

Your Complete Google Sheets Manual.

This eBook is 400 pages!

It took us a while to write this, yet we understand that some of us, including me, learn best by both reading and watching. Use this to review and understand important concepts (available 30 days after enrollment).

Manual for XelPlus Google Sheets Comprehensive Course.
Complete Google Sheets Manual

Bonus 3

We forget if we don’t practice! You will receive a set of practice activities to make sure you remember what you learnt and can apply it to solve real-world problems (available 40 days after enrollment).

Bonus 4

Creating models from scratch can be tough. In this hands-on project we create a cash flow-model for personal and professional investments. I explain the thinking process that goes into creating models and how you can set it up in (available 60 days after enrollment).

And There is More!

Additionally, you will receive your very own course notes covering important topics.

These notes can be incredibly valuable to you as you work your way through the course material.

They can serve as a helpful reference guide, allowing you to quickly review and refresh your memory on important topics.

Use these as your cheat sheets.

Course notes for XelPlus Google Sheets Comprehensive Course.
Google Sheets Course Notes

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Master the Powerful Features of Google Sheets.

Here Are Some Of The Things You’ll Accomplish!

By the end of this Google Sheets Comprehensive Course you will have achieved:

  • Properly input and collect data and navigate large spreadsheets
  • Best practice and useful (& sometimes hidden) Sheets features
  • Sort, Filter, create Filter views and clean data
  • Lookup functions in Sheets such as VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, FILTER & SORTN.
  • Essential Summarization Functions like SUM, COUNT, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS etc.
  • Branching Functions like IF and IFS.
  • Combining data from external files with IMPORTRANGE
  • QUERY Function to create ANY analysis you want (You’ll learn the key to getting this right)
  • Pivot tables, Charts & Slicers to present your data
  • How to automate your work with macros & Google Apps Script

And something else you may not know …

You can apply MOST of the knowledge you learn in this Sheets course to Microsoft Excel as well!

There are many helpful and time-saving Sheets formulas and features. We tend to forget what these are if we don’t use them. This course will give you the practice you need to be able to apply the best solution for the task at hand. This way you can do more in less time.

I LOVED the course. Its whole structure is well defined, it covers a whole range of topics, features, and even includes pro tips. The examples were also very effective in showing the functionality and/or usefulness of the topics covered.

I’ve already put to use what I’ve learned and am currently making a much better use of my time. I would totally recommend the course to my friends and colleagues.

Jacobo Leon

This Comprehensive Masterclass Is Simply Like No Other Google Sheets Course Out There!

I don’t say that lightly.

This course will get you confident and comfortable designing simple to complex spreadsheets. You’ll go beyond Sheets basics. As you go through the course, you’ll be able to apply what you learnt immediately to your job.

You’ll master new formulas and learn new functions, thereby finding better ways to set up your existing spreadsheets. Management loves efficiency.

In this course you’ll solve dozens of practical real-world examples. They’ll help you think outside the box so you can work smarter not harder.

Great! Leila is a great teacher, and the course is well structured. Lectures are easy to follow, and you learn a lot from every section. Top. Price should be much higher.

Giovanni Follo

Here Is What You’ll Need.

There are only a few requirements:

  • A free Google account is required, which you can also set up during the course.
  • No prior spreadsheet knowledge is needed.
  • Willingness to learn. Let’s do this!

I’m Leila.
Nice to meet you.

Each month, I hop on a special video call with the Microsoft team. This is one of the perks of being a Microsoft MVP. They fill us in on all the latest features coming down the pipeline.

My courses & tutorials are for ambitious beginners and professionals who want to upgrade their data analysis skills. If you hate doing things manually, you’ll love my approach.

I don’t just want to show you solutions to specific problems, but to teach you to find solutions to ALL your future data analysis problems.

I founded my online learning company, XelPlus, in 2015. Our aim is to help you gain the knowledge you need, enabling you to create useful tools, solve problems, and get more done.

Let’s get started!

Google Sheets Comprehensive Course led by XelPlus expert and MVP Leila Gharani,

Here’s Your Curriculum for the Google Sheets Comprehensive Course

You can view the detailed curriculum below. Click on “See a full outline” button below to expand the curriculum.

See anything that jumps out? Which lesson do you think you’d begin with?

Google Sheets course cover

Google Sheets – The Comprehensive Masterclass

More companies are looking for professionals with solid Google Sheets knowledge. Go from Beginner to Expert with this hands-on course.

This course includes:

Over 14 hours of video content

Numerous Files & Templates to copy as your own

Challenges & Quizzes to test your skills

LIFETIME Access so you never feel rushed

Comment sections to ask questions and get answers from our friendly teaching assistants

English Closed Captions

Bonus 1: Excel-to-Sheets Checklist

Bonus 2: Course eBook (400 pages)

Bonus 3: Set of Practice Activities

Bonus 4: Project-based mini-course

Section 1: Introduction

How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Download Course Files
How much do you know? Take the Quiz

Section 2: Google Sheets Essentials

What You Achieve by the End of Essentials Section

Section 3: Getting Started Right with Google Sheets

Sheets Basics & Productivity Tips for a Smooth Start
Sheets, Rows, Column & Cells
Useful Menu & Toolbar Options
Language & Spreadsheet Settings (Important)
Version Recovery & Edit History
Activity: Turn on the Clock for 5 minutes

Section 4: Data Entry & Basic Formulas

Data Entry, Data Types & Autofill in Google Sheets
Basic Formulas in Google Sheets
Basic Functions in Google Sheets (Sum, Count, Counta, CountUnique)
Relative Vs. Absolute Referencing
Challenge: Find the Mistake! Data Doesn’t add up!
Key Takeaways: Getting Started

Section 5: Data Input & Hidden Features

Useful Shortcuts
Importing Data into Google Sheets (ImportRange)
The Anatomy of a Proper Data Set
Best Practice in Designing Functional Spreadsheets
Conditional Formatting Basics
Data Validation – Drop-down Lists
Key Takeaways: Data Input & Hidden Features

Section 6: Sorting and Cleaning Data

Sort & Unsort
Filter & Filter View
Calculating based on Filered Results (SubTotal)
Challenge: Delete Empty rows in Data
Split Text, Remove Duplicates and trim spaces
Find & Replace Values
Challenge: Messy to Clean Data
Solution: Messy to Clean Data
Key Takeaways: Sorting & Cleaning Data

Section 7: Essential Sheets Functions to Summarize

Data Types, Function types
SUM(IFS) by Criteria (also COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN)
Rounding Values
Unique & Sort Functions
Logical functions
IF, Then & IFS (show emoji)
Handling Errors & Pro Tip
Named ranges

Section 8:

Overview of Helpful Google Sheet Functions
Detect language and Translate
Image Function (QR Code)
Google Finance
Challenge: Find the Mistake in the Formulas
Solution: How to Correct the Mistakes

Section 9: Lookup & Filter Functions

Overview of Helpful Lookup Functions
VLOOKUP Approximate Match (Replacement for many IFS)
FILTER function to return Multiple Match Results
Lookup Pictures & Images
SortN for Ranking (account for ties)
Challenge: Find the Mistake in the Formulas
Solution: How to Correct the Formulas

Section 10: Text and Date Functions

Overview of Text & Date Functions
Split Values to Multiple Columns / Row
Text Functions
Essential Date Functions
Time Calculations (Calculating Hours worked)

Section 11: Create an HR Dashboard from Scratch (Project)

Introduction to HR Dashboard
Setting up the Calculations
Setting up the main KPIs
Picture Lookups for Department Heads
Scrolling Table & Organizational Chart
Key Takeaways: Techniques you Learnt & Applied

Section 12: Collaborate, Publish & Protect

Sharing Files with Others & Pro Tips
Publishing Sheet or Chart (& Embedding in a Web Page)
Protection: Sheet & Cell Level
Use Google Form to Collect Data
Printing & Page Breaks
Challenge: Prepare Proper PDF Layout for report
Key Takeaways: Collaborate, Publish & Protect

Section 13: Charts to Impress

Overview of Chart Tools
Sparklines including pro tip
Chart Basics (Column, Line & Map Charts)
Slicer with Charts and Tables
Combo Charts
Chart Trick: Conditionally Format Line Chart Max and Min
Challenge: Connect Your Chart with Checkboxes
Key takeaways: Charts

Section 14: Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

Explore option in Google Sheets
Pivot Table Basics
Custom Formulas in Pivot Tables
Slicers & Grouping in Pivot Tables
Challenge Questionnaire: Which Country are you watching from?
Create Pivot Table of results
Key Takeaways: Pivot Tables

Section 15: Test Your Sheets Essential Knowledge!

Test your knowledge by solving the below problems
Download file and then do the quiz and provide answers
Essentials test
Section Challenge

Section 16: Advanced Data Analysis with Google Sheets

Introduction to Advanced Data Analysis

Section 17: Advanced Functions & Formula Combinations

Index Match
Index Match with Multiple Headers
The Power of Sequence Function
Array Formulas
Generate Random Data & Text (RandBetween & Choose)
Advanced SortN
Indirect Function
Challenge: Solve the Problems
Solution: Answers & Steps

Section 18: Query Function

Query Function – the Guidelines you need to follow
ImportRange by matching columns
Advanced Query
Query and Import Range to append data from other sheets

Section 19: Advanced & Hidden Features

Custom Number Formatting Explained
Conditional Custom Formatting (Hidden Trick)
Conditional Formatting with Formulas (The secret to getting it right)
Challenge: Find the Difference between two lists
Challenge: Dependent drop-down lists (do it on a single on and then multiple ones)
10 things to do to Improving Performance and dealing with slow files
Key Takeaways

Section 20: Sales Dashboard From Scratch (Project)

Introduction to Dashboard
Setting up the Calculations with Query & ImportRange
Pivot Table with Progress Bar
Chart & Slicer
Finalizing the Dashboard
Key Takeaways: Techniques you Applied

Section 21: Introduction to Scripting

What you can achieve with Google Scripts
Record a macro (Prepare sheet for reporting)
Add your script to the menu
Reset data Validation example & how to copy and paste a script into your project
Challenge: Record a macro to perhaps copy new data under another set of data
Solution: Record a macro
More Resources to Learn

Section 22: Useful Add-ons

Where to Find Add-ons & How to Install Them
Goal Seek

Section 23: Final Words

Bonus: The Mechanics of the Quiz
Final Words
More Resources

Master the Powerful Features of Google Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You’ll take this Google Sheets Comprehensive course in your own time. It is a completely self-paced online course – so you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

What if I have questions about the lessons? Can I get those answered?

Yes! Most online courses leave you on your own, but not here at XelPlus.

We have a team of helpful teaching assistants (TA’s) ready to answer your questions about each lesson. Below each lesson, you’ll find a comment section where you can ask a question about the topic. Our TA’s will chime in and do their best to help you.

Who can I contact if I have questions not addressed?

You can contact us at