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Microsoft 365 Excel: The Only App That Matters (eBook)

Boost Your Excel Skills!
This comprehensive eBook makes learning Excel easy and effective for all levels. Perfect for career growth. Start your learning journey now!

eBook Microsoft 365 - the only app that matters

Master Microsoft 365 Excel with Ease: Your Comprehensive Guide

Start improving your Excel skills with this clear and straightforward eBook, created by Excel expert Mike “ExcelIsFun” Girvin.

Ideal for all learning levels, it guides you through Excel’s features with easy steps. Whether you’re new to Excel or looking to improve, this book is a valuable resource for your journey in Excel mastery.

Your eBook, Your Way

Available in PDF and ePUB Formats

Discover Excel’s capabilities with this comprehensive 826-page guide.

After purchasing, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Versatile Formats: Choose from PDF or ePUB versions. Our eBook adapts to your preferred device, be it a tablet, laptop, PC or e-reader.
  • Interactive Learning with Practice Files: Along with the eBook, you’ll receive downloadable Excel and data analysis files. These resources let you follow along and practice as you read, enhancing your learning experience.
  • Visual Guidance for Easy Understanding: Packed with illustrative images, the eBook simplifies complex concepts, perfect for quick reference or a deep dive into new topics.

Keep this valuable resource close, either on-hand or saved on your device. With its easy-to-navigate format, you can quickly search for specific topics. Whether you’re interested in learning something new over a cup of coffee or diving into an interesting chapter, this guide allows you to start learning right away.

Microsoft 365 - The only app that matters

Meet the Expert Behind the Guide

Mike “ExcelIsFun” Girvin, Microsoft MVP

Mike has a rich background in managing a manufacturing business and over twenty years teaching data analysis at Highline College. He’s skilled in Excel and Power BI, which he used to boost his company’s productivity and decision-making in the 90s.

Teaching at Highline College, Girvin focuses on making complex data tasks straightforward for his students, also sharing these techniques on YouTube and with clients. His leadership has brought his business several innovation awards, and as an educator, he’s earned accolades from academic institutions, YouTube, and Microsoft.

On YouTube, his channel ‘excelisfun’ features over 3,600 Excel tutorials, attracting a large following and marking him as a prominent online figure in Excel and data analysis education.

Why This Book Is Special

  • From Basics to Advanced: Learn everything from simple Excel functions to complex features. Perfect for all levels!
  • Data & Analysis Tools: Discover how to handle data with ease using Power Query and Power Pivot.
  • Automate Your Work: Find out how to use macros and VBA programming for smarter work.
  • Finance Made Easy: If you deal with financial data, there are special sections on calculating cash flow and investment values.
  • Predict and Analyze: Learn simple linear regression to understand trends and data relationships.

This guide is packed with practical problems and keyboard shortcuts to make your Excel journey smooth and efficient. It’s written in a way thatโ€™s easy to understand, no matter your background or Excel knowledge level.

๐Ÿ“š Grab Your Copy Now! Start learning how to make the most of Excel for all your data needs.

Chapter Summary

The Comprehensive Guide for Microsoft 365 to Building Excel Solutions with the Excel Worksheet, Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI Desktop Using Worksheet Formulas, DAX Formulas, M Code Formulas, and Standard PivotTables.

The introduction sets the stage for a deep dive into Excel 365’s robust features. Chapters 1 through 5 explore the rationale behind choosing Excel 365, the historical significance of spreadsheets, Excel’s vast capabilities, essential concepts for solution creation, and the structure of Excel files and worksheets.

The chapters 6 through 9 focus on practical skills, detailing keyboard shortcuts, efficiency tricks, and foundational guidelines for setting up and formatting worksheets to solve problems efficiently. Chapters 10 through 16 expand on this by examining specific functions like ROUND, date and time management, various formula types, logical operations, lookup functionalities, array formulas, and the innovative LET and LAMBDA functions.

The later chapters, 17 through 19, cover data analysis basics, including using pivot tables and visualizations, and progress to advanced data analysis techniques using Power Query, Power Pivot, and DAX. These sections also provide real-world examples of handling big and complex data.

Chapters 20 through 22 delve into automating tasks with the Macro Recorder and VBA Editor, as well as applying Excel for financial analysis and simple linear regression. The book concludes with a comprehensive index for quick reference.

โ“Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my eBook after purchase?

Immediately after payment you can download the eBook in any of 2 DRM-Free versions: PDF or ePUB. Please ensure that your devices are compatible with the eBook before you purchase. You will also get the Excel and Power BI files used in the book.

Are refunds available for the eBook?

All eBook sales are final, and as such non-refundable.

Does the eBook expire?

No, the eBook does not expire and you can download and transfer to multiple personal devices.