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Excel Waterfall Charts

Quickly create impactful Waterfall Charts with our simple Excel templates. Just download, adjust to your needs, and your report is ready!

Faster Reporting with our Excel Waterfall Chart Templates

Use our Excel templates to make clear, professional Waterfall charts.

In the business world Waterfall charts are a must. But, they are VERY tricky to customize in Excel.

We’ve got 15 versions pre-made for you in our downloadable Excel file. Ready to plugin your numbers and apply in your reports.

All charts are inspired by our customers who needed these in their corporate reports.

We’ve included instructions on how to copy over your data and use these right away. No stress.

Waterfall charts display changes step by step. They suit a variety of reports like financial summaries and project updates.

Quick, Customizable, and User-Friendly

Easiest Waterfall Chart Templates in Excel

After purchasing, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Time-saving Design: Each template is pre-configured with essential elements, reducing the time you spend on setup.
  • Versatility: Adapt easily to any report type, from financial analyses to project updates, thanks to their flexible design.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-follow instructions for quick adjustments.

Keep this valuable resource close. You can save it to your device to always have it on hand.

What is a Waterfall Chart

A Waterfall chart (sometimes also called bridge chart) is a type of column chart.

It tracks changes from a starting to a final value. It begins with a starting value, followed by columns that rise or fall to show increases or decreases, and ends with a final total.

This makes it especially useful for detailing all the changes that contribute to a final number.

waterfall chart Excel cashflow
cash flow waterfall chart in Excel

For example the above chart provides a clear visual representation of how different activities impact cash flow throughout a period.

But the Waterfall chart isn’t just for Finance. It can be applied in any area where you need to understand the contributing factor for change.

Another example: In Human Resources, a Waterfall chart can illustrate staffing changes over a year. Even if your department starts and ends the year with 50 employees, the chart could show that 20 resigned, 5 retired, and 25 were hired, providing a clear visual of high turnover and recruitment.

Such Waterfall charts help reveal hidden data dynamics. It makes complex info easy to understand at a glance.

Then there are variations to the Waterfall.

horizontal waterfall chart in Excel

Sometimes a horizontal Waterfall is easier to read. Specially if you have long labels.

How Will these Templates Help Me?

Creating a basic Waterfall chart in Excel is easy. But creating a standout chart takes time.

Sometimes a LOT of time. But it does not have to be this way!

Our templates are designed for simplicity. They will help you visualize financial changes and business data effectively in your reports.

What Makes Our Templates Stand Out

Our templates are ready-made to meet different business needs.

Just pick a template for your report, tweak it, and you’re done.

Here are some of the charts you’ll get instant access to:

  • Flexible Waterfall charts (both for positive and negative totals)
  • Waterfall charts with subtotals in the middle
  • Properly handling long labels in Waterfall charts
  • Waterfall charts with a connecting line for beginning to end
  • Waterfall with emphasis line for beginning to end
  • Waterfall alternative for dealing with small increases / decreases
  • Stacked Waterfall charts
  • Horizontal Waterfall charts (Bar Waterfall)
  • Horizontal Waterfall with emphasis line for beginning to end
  • Real-life business cases

Plus, clear instructions make each Waterfall quick and easy to customize – letting you focus on your data.

You can, of course, follow our instructions and create each chart from scratch if you want. We’ve included detailed instructions for you to easily follow along. This way, you’re in full control and can tweak each chart as needed.

As a side effect, you’ll end up learning a few new Excel tricks 😊.

📚 Grab Your Copy Now! Use our templates to make the most of your data.

❓Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my templates after purchase?

Immediately after payment you can download the Excel chart templates.

Are refunds available for the chart templates?

All Template sales are final, and as such non-refundable.

Do the chart templates expire?

No, the templates do not expire and you can download and transfer to multiple personal devices.