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Not a super-techie, but still want to get faster and better with Excel & Power BI? You’re in the right place. We’ll help you explore the features and do it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Each of our courses follows a specific approach.

First, we explain things in plain English. If you’re looking for techie jargon, you’re in the wrong place.

Second, we use real world examples. You work in the real world, and we cater to that.

Third, we always show the big picture. When you see how the puzzle pieces fit together, you’re better able contribute and make decisions. And that’s what leads to an “up and to the right” career trajectory.

Wondering where to start? Most students don’t want to take just one course, but many. If that sounds like you, make the right decision from the start and buy a package of courses. Our most popular packages are below.

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Fast Track to Power BI

Stay ahead of the game in 2023. This course gets you started in Power BI – Fast!
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These packages include multiple courses. The courses are related, and we grouped them together for a reason.

We believe in seeing the big picture, and these packages focus on a central theme. You get a nice discount versus buying individual courses, too.

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Still can’t decide? We get it, there are lots of great options to choose from. We’ve got Excel, Power BI, Finance & Google Sheets courses.

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Fast Track to Power BI

Stay ahead of the game in 2023. This course gets you started in Power BI – Fast!

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125 lessons

Excel Essentials for the Real World

Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps.

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160 lessons
Power Query Course

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Power Query is an Essential tool for Data Analysis. Learn to Collect and Analyze Data with Ease.

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185 lessons
Power Pivot, Data Modelling, DAX Course Cover

Master Excel Power Pivot & DAX (Beginner to Pro)

It’s one thing to get data into Excel. It’s another to turn that data into meaningful reports.

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165 lessons
Learn Financial Analysis Course cover

Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

Whether you’re a newbie or have an MBA in Finance, you’ll FINALLY “get” the big picture.

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115 lessons
Excel New functions course cover

Master NEW Excel Functions in Office 365 & Office 2021

Ready to supercharge your Excel skills? This course will help you master the new set of functions introduced to Excel for Office 365. You’ll create professional-grade reports in a fraction of the time it used to take you.

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100 lessons
Excel dashboards course cover

Visually Effective Excel Dashboards

Create eye-catching Excel Dashboards with actionable tips you can use right away.

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120 lessons
Excel VBA and macros course cover

Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Automate ANYTHING you need done in Excel with VBA and macros. Go from Beginner to VBA Expert and design automations with confidence.

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190 lessons
Google Sheets course cover

Google Sheets – The Comprehensive Masterclass

Master the Powerful Features of Google Sheets. Gain access to EXCLUSIVE bonuses.

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130 lessons

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Leila Gharani

Hi, I’m Leila Gharani, the founder of XelPlus. I love Excel but can’t stand when it’s taught to me like I’m a robot. Around here, we teach technical topics in plain-English so it’s easy to understand. If that speaks to you, read more about our approach.

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