3 Course Bundle

Includes 3 Bestselling Courses in 1

Advanced Excel Top Tips & Formulas, Visually Effective Excel Dashboards & Unlock Excel VBA & Macros Course.

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Excel Essentials Course Thumbnail

Excel Essentials for the REAL World (Get Started Right)

Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps / Packed with Challenges & Files (Excel 2016, 2019, Office 365)

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Excel Dynamic Arrays Complete Course

Excel Dynamic Arrays: Beginner to Expert (Office 365 INSIDER)

BE THE FIRST to Master the new Dynamic Array Formulas and Excel’s new Calculation Engine.

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Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Achieve More. Save time.

Real-World Projects & Workbooks included. Automate Complex Tasks with Excel VBA & Macros.

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Visually Effective Excel Dashboards

Actionable Excel Tips (Templates & Workbooks Included) You Can Use Right Now to Create Eye-Catching Excel Dashboards.

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Advanced Excel: Top 10 Excel Tips & Formulas (Excel 2010)

Master Advanced Excel Techniques. Solve Complex Problems Fast. Learn Advanced Excel Skills to Save Time and Impress.

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Excel: Putting It All Together

With this course, you immerse yourself into real world Excel. You create a simple, real app: The cooking calculator. No stand-alone tips and tricks here!

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Excel Charts (2010): Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts

Gain Highly Advanced Excel Skills to Create Impressive Excel Graphs for your Management Reports.

Excel Charts & More…

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Ultimate Excel Waterfall Chart (Bridge chart) Course

Impressive Excel Waterfall Charts for Your Reports – From Scratch.

No Add-ins, No VBA & For ANY Excel Version!

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Excel eBook Excel Insights

Excel Insights by 24 MVPs

This BRAND NEW eBook shares an interesting variety of advanced and new Excel techniques. Each MVP picked their favorite Excel topic or trick and shared it in this book.

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