Before watching the video, try solving it yourself. Here is the deal:

You need to find a formula that solves the below problem:

The tricky part is this:

If B, D or R win a price, the workshop (i.e. that row) counts as 1. This means if we only had data until row 10, we need to get 4 as our answer!  (…the data set is bigger than this…)

How would you go about it? Use intermediate steps? Use one formula?

You can download the file below:

Don’t watch the video until you attempt it yourself…

…then you can see how I tried to solve it with 1 Array Formula.

p.s. Honestly I shot this video over 10 times! It was originally intended to be 1 video, showing 1 solution, but every time I started editing the video, I came up with new formulas that could do this, so I kept shooting it over and over again with different solutions and finally it became a three series video.  Hope you enjoy it and learn more about Excel array formulas!

Move on to PART 2 to learn about the MMULT formula

Move on to PART 3 to learn about the MMULT formula

Download the Workbook Below…

Download File

You’d like to try it yourself? Download the FREE file here. Let me know what you come up with!

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