Excel: Better Variance Charts – Dynamic Columns, Lines & Arrows

Excel variance charts - columns, bars error bars and arrowsDynamic column and bar charts are great for showing variances. Dynamic arrows also work great here!

How can you create this in Excel?

In this full series you will find four ways to visualize variances.

Method A: Uses a column chart with dynamic coloring of the columns to distinguish between positive and negative – AND conditional colors for data labels

Method B: Uses much thinner bars / lines to distinguish between positive and negative variances – it’s less bulky compared to A and more elegant

Method C: Uses dynamic arrows that are conditionally format and placed on top of the original column chart

Method D: Also uses dynamic arrows but now placed right below the horizontal axis of the original column graph.

Watch the Videos below to find out how to create each variance chart in Excel

Method A:  Conditional Formatting Column Charts & Labels

Method B: Excel Better Variance Charts with Error Bars

Method C & D: Variance Charts with Dynamic Arrows

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  1. Muthu Pravin July 18, 2018 at 4:00 am - Reply

    Really useful trick you are actually teaching. Excellent concept.

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