Excel VBA & Excel Macros and WordArt in ExcelHow can you get this effect?

Find out how you can use Excel Macros to control the fill color of Word Art in VBA. In this specific case we have a dynamic Word Art which shows a percentage value that is connected to a cell with a formula.

Anytime the cell value is changed, the Word Art should update AND it’s fill color should also adjust based on the percentage value. If we have 50%, only half of the 50% Word Art will be highlighted.

This video is more than just about using Excel VBA to control Word Art. I’ll show you how you can find the right syntax, even when the macro recorder doesn’t work and doesn’t pick up the required code for you. I’ll show you how to use the VBA object library to find the correct syntax and how to use Excel’s event procedures to get the Word Art to update anytime the cell value changed..

Watch the steps in this video:

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