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Build Impressive Waterfall Charts in Excel

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If you currently use Waterfall Charts in your reports or you want to start using them to improve your reporting, this course is for you.

Best Part? The Demo Workbook included provides you with impressive Waterfall Chart templates!

Here are a few examples of the Waterfall charts you will learn:

Excel Waterfall Graph
Excel Waterfall Chart with negative values for EBIT or Profit

Quite Impressive Right?

Yet they can be made from scratch in Excel in a few steps.  Of course in a dynamic manner. And Yes, in ANY version of Excel – 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016!

Even if you use Excel add-ins to design your Waterfall charts, it’s good practice to know how to create them from scratch. It will open your eyes to the possibilities in Excel.

Vertical Waterfall Chart - Waterfall Bar Chart how to build works with negative values

What Participants Say:

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We are using waterfall charts a lot in our company. However, we just use complicated templates that someone once created because we do not have the knowledge to change them. They are not working properly and the outcome is poor. Finally, with this course I am able to create perfect waterfall charts from scratch that can be maintained easily! Thank you Leila for creating a great course. This will really help me in my day-to-day work!
Randy Taylor
I was looking forward to your new course. Thank you very much for once again sharing your knowledge. I feel much more confident and have become much more efficient in the preparation of my reports. Please continue to keep up the excellent work.
Melani Smith
Great ! Very precise and clear explanation of drawbacks of Excel 2016 Waterfall chart. Obviously the reason I choose to take this course.
Mohammed Ifthekar Ahmed

THIS COURSE teaches you different variations of the Waterfall chart used in the business world and takes you through the steps how you can BEST create it from scratch in a very flexible and easy way.

  • Shortcomings of Excel 2016 built-in Waterfall Chart
  • How to create the easiest Waterfall Chart EVER From Scratch – (No stacked columns – works with negative cumulative values as well)
  • How to add subtotals to the Waterfall chart
  • Real business examples of Waterfall charts
  • How to overcome real-world issues such as: Long category labels, adding dynamic connectors to improve readability, how to deal with very small delta values, etc.
  • Vertical Waterfall chart (bar version of the Waterfall) and creating them in impressive ways
  • Over 4 hours of Waterfall variations
  • Workbook included which can be used as your Waterfall Chart Template
  • Life-time access and 30 day money back guarantee

Once you register, you get life-time access to the course. You can go through the course content whenever you want and you get to ask your questions on the discussion board. I will also be adding in new lectures so you get to improve your skills at no additional cost.

Build Waterfall chart in Excel

Who is the Course for?

The audience for this course is anyone who is interested in creating impressive variations of the waterfall chart. You might be a Controller, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager responsible for  creating management reports. Or you might just be interested to improve your Excel charting skills and learn advanced tricks to create impressive charts.

Major Course Components

In this series I show you different types and variations of Waterfall charts used in the business world. Many are familiar with the Standard Waterfall chart. However, I often get different requests by clients to slightly alter the Waterfall chart so it better fits their style and the way they’d like to report. For example, some questions are:

What to do when category labels for the horizontal axis are too long?


The deltas are too small in comparison to the start and finish totals. What to do here?


We’d like to have a vertical Waterfall chart / Bar Waterfall.


We want a dynamic connector that shows the difference between start and finish and shows the total difference in the middle.

By going through these lectures, you can see the possibilities and the process of arriving and getting to the end result. It will give you ideas and let you mix and match the techniques to get the outcome you want for your charts.

I’m going to make each of these from scratch and you can follow along with me in the workbook provided.

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