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The template is designed by Jacek Cetnarski from You can download it from this page .

Just scroll down to the Sport Package Section.

First View of the World Cup 2018 Template

Note: These are sample data only and not the actual outcome

Excel World Cup 2018 sweepstake template overview

The template is very well organized. You get to see the groups and the schedule of the games.

You also get a neat time zone feature. Select the city in your time zone and the times on the sheet update automatically.

Excel World cup schedule based on time zone

I do keep track of the important games in my Outlook calendar as well.

Let’s get to the best part:

Everything is automatic about this tool.

All you need to do is maintain the results of the matches. It takes care of everything else.

As for the fun part:

The Bookie tab

If you’re planning to hold a sweepstake at the office or like to play with family members, you can fill up your predictions in the bookie tab.

World cup 2018 bookie sweepstakes

The pain in holding these type of sweepstakes is that one person has to sacrifice their time to manage the whole thing. They need to make calculations for the points of the players. Rank them, update them.

With this tool, no one suffers. The tool does it for you! No pain – just fun!

 The Pro Version

The free version of the tool is available for 3 players. In case you need more, you can get the Pro version. You’ll find the link inside the free Workbook or you can get it from here.

You’ll have to pay a small contribution for the upgrade. But honestly, for all the time and headache you’ll be saving to get the rankings right and all the work that Jacek has put into this, it certainly is worth it.

What I really like about the Pro version is the additional visualizations. You get a dashboard with two different charts for the players as well as a table summarizing the points for the players. In addition, you get a nice diagram (see below) with the teams that make it to the round of 16, all the way to the finals.

(No worries – these are just test data)

Excel World Cup 2018 Diagram round of 16

I hope you enjoy the games as much as I will in the next month.

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