How to Add or Remove Add-ins in Excel

By default, add-ins are not immediately available in Excel. To get add ins in Excel: Go to ‘Insert’ and then click on ‘Get Add-ins’.

This will launch the Microsoft Store where you can search, install, and enable any Excel add-ins you may need.

If you want Excel plugins for a specific purpose, choose a category on the left to narrow your options.

⚠️ Many add-ins are free, but some may require a purchase for full functionality.

When you click “My Add-Ins”, you will see a list of your currently installed Excel add ins.

Selecting the My Add-ins button (below Get Add-ins) will also present the above list.

How to Remove Add ins from Excel

To remove Excel add-ins, select the Options icon (three stacked dots) and select “Remove”.

Now let’s check out the best Excel add ins that are available for free.

QR4Office: Easily Add QR Codes to Your Documents

QR4Office Excel add in

The QR4Office add-in makes QR Codes super easy to generate. It’s user-friendly and versatile. You can create QR Codes for various objects.

  • Websites (both secure and unsecured)
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Text message addresses
  • Navigation coordinates

You can customize the size and color of the QR Code and insert it into your Excel spreadsheet or any other open document.

Imagine users reaching out by just pointing their phone at their screen.

Web Video Player: Easily Add Videos to Your Spreadsheets

Web Video Player Excel add in

When sharing videos from YouTube or Vimeo, enhance links with the Web Video Player.

The Web Video Player lets you insert thumbnail images of your video links. These thumbnails are playable within your document. Users can watch the videos without leaving the document.

This is great if you are providing instruction on the use of a document.  The user can follow along with the video without switching between windows.

You just have to put the video share link. For advanced features, a $5 donation is needed.

Web  video player Excel add-in

We have a play window within the document. You can view it directly or expand for more detail.

It increases the chance of users watching the video. They get visually enticed to see what’s behind the thumbnail.

Microsoft Visio Data Visualizer: Turn Data into Diagrams

Microsoft visio data visualizer Excel add in


The Visio Data Visualizer is now built directly into Excel.  With an Office update (September 2020), what was once an Excel add-in is now a native feature found on the Insert ribbon in Excel.

If your Excel version is a bit older, don’t worry! You can still add the Visio Data Visualizer yourself by following these easy steps below.

The Visio Data Visualizer allows you to insert Visio-style flowcharts and organizational charts into your Excel document.

With just a click you can have a flowchart along with sample data inserted into your worksheet.

The sample data is easily reconfigured to meet your specific needs.  If you need to add more items to the flowchart, just add more data to the table and click the Refresh button in the chart.

An entire library of shape types is available via a convenient dropdown list in the table.

Another feature is the ability to create a Web-based version of the diagram for viewing in Visio for the Web.

Once opened in Visio for the Web, you can save the file as a PDF, print the diagram, or save it as an image file.

The Organization Chart option is covered in more detail HERE.

People Graph: From Data to Story

People graph Excel add in

This add-in is so popular, it exists as a pre-installed button on the Insert ribbon.

The People Graph inserts an infographic that is easily customized with your data.

By setting the infographic to “look” at your data, you can pick a style and generate easy to read information visualizations that are far more interesting than plain numbers.

The infographic will update automatically when the values are changed.

💡If you turn your source data into a proper Excel Table (Ctrl + T), the infographic will update when new items are added to the list.

There are 336 different combinations of styles, colors, and shapes to choose from so you can get just the right look for your data.

The result can be saved as an image file to be used in any application.

Mini Calendar and Date Picker

Mini Calendar and Date Picker add in

The Mini Calendar and Date Picker Excel add in makes entering dates and times quick and easy.

By selecting a cell in a worksheet, you can click any day in the mini calendar and the date will be added to the cell.

The date picker has many configurable options, such as:

  • Changing the calendar’s size and color
  • Setting the position of weekends
  • Displaying the week numbers
  • Highlighting dates used in a sheet range

You can also insert the current time with just a click.

Bing Maps: Map Your Excel Data with Ease

Bing Maps Excel add-in

Bing maps can take data centered around geographic regions and display it as a map chart.

The data can be filtered to allow users to focus on certain areas.

The Bing Maps Excel add in allows you to customize the chart types and colors, as well as display a traditional map or a satellite view map using satellite images.

Download the Free Workbook

Get the workbook with examples for all Excel add ins 👉 HERE.

Excel Download Practice file

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