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Advanced Excel

My belief is: People learn best when they work to improve their own files. I ask you to send me a few sample files – preferably those that “give you the most headache.”

Then I put together a training program for your team so you only learn the relevant Excel knowledge you need in your daily work.

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Excel Visualization

If you’d like to learn new techniques to create impressive, simple and elegant charts, this is the course for you. It will be customized to the types of visualization desired by your department.

You will learn how to create each chart from scratch. No need to additional add-ins or tools.

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A Dashboard’s purpose is to guide you and help you reduce risks. With this training you’ll be able to create impressive Excel dashboards which YOU can control – Yes YOU and not IT.

You don’t need any VBA / macro knowledge to create smart dashboards. If you have a specific dashboard in mind, the training will be tailored towards it.

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The Excel Visualization training help me discover new techniques that will:  1) Save time which is crucial in the controlling and Finance Departments and 2) Better illustrate the message of the graphs. The training was practical, click here, click there… and when you see how nice & fast the results are, you think about the time you could have saved. I recommend the training to anyone who needs to prepare reports/presentations and needs to prepare them fast.

Sergiu Bors, Controlling / Telekom Austria Group

The material of the training was essential for my daily work, so my expectations were high. Leila was very thorough and keen on detail, and made sure everyone understood all parts of the training. The material was very well presented and taught and it was also interactive, so everyone could leave with their questions answered. Leila’s style was very professional and in my opinion she understands people good, being able to kindly help and communicate with all of the participants. Leila really knows the material she is instructing, and I would recommend to anyone who needs training in Oracle HFM or Microsoft Excel, because the experience and professionalism she brings to her trainings is on a very high level, meeting expectations.

David Somogyi, Controlling / Austria

Leila’s training helped me become aware of the variety of smart and advanced functions Excel offers. One thing I specifically liked was the combination of theory and practice. We had the ability to work on “real life” files. I found the experience valuable and ready to be used in my daily tasks. I would recommend the training to anyone who’d like to expand their knowledge and become faster in Excel.

Martina Strassl, Head of Controlling Europe & International and Uncoated Fine Paper, Mondi AG / Austria
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