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Excel Complex Lookup: Find Header

In this tutorial we tackle a complex lookup problem – how to return the header based on criteria in a matrix. I offer my solution using INDEX and SUMPRODUCT. We also cover alternative approaches proposed by the Excel community, including an interesting TEXTJOIN solution that is able to handle multiple match results.

Smart Uses of Custom Formatting in Excel – Part 2

Conditional formatting is great at bringing attention to specific values, whether high/low, deviations, variances. It makes interpreting the data easier. But it can also significantly slow down your workbook. There is a faster alternative. You can use Custom Number Formatting to bring attention to data. In part 2, learn how to add any symbol to custom number format, how to use up/down arrows for percentage variances, and how custom formatting works with thresholds and icons.

Excel Lookup Multiple Criteria in Rows or Columns

Learn how to perform a matrix lookup, i.e. when you need to return the value based on the header row and the category column, in a scenario where you have more than one header. The powerful INDEX/MATCH combo is capable of handling that a couple of ways.

How to Use INDEX and MATCH in Excel

Learn how the INDEX and MATCH functions work individually and how putting them together allows you to conduct flexible lookups.

Excel SUMPRODUCT Function

Master one of the most useful functions in Excel – SUMPRODUCT. This tutorial explains how it works in easy steps. You’ll understand why you have to use a multiplication operator or a double negative, how to handle ‘and’ & ‘or’ conditions, and what to watch out for. You can test your knowledge with the attached exercise book.

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