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Excel What-If Analysis: Data Table Tool

Excel’s What-if Analysis Data Table allows you to quickly create simulations.

This tutorial takes you through a simple example of how you can create a Data Table from scratch.

Power BI – How to add Drill Through to Reports

Power BI’s Drill Through is a special filter that takes you from the overview page to the cross-filtered details page of the report. Learn how to set it up so that you’re never taken by surprise during a presentation with requests to drill deeper into data.

What is Power BI?

What is Power BI? What is Power BI used for? You see, there is a reason why companies are investing more and more in Power BI projects. Actually, there are 4 reasons why Power BI is preferred to the competition. This tutorial explains it all in plain English.

Power BI course image

Fast Track to Power BI

Stay ahead of the game in 2023. This course gets you started in Power BI – Fast!

How to Use TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER Functions in Excel

Learn to properly use the Excel TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER functions. There is a cool trick you can use with these functions to get the outcome you want.

Excel Essentials for the Real World

Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps.

Create Beautiful Charts in PowerPoint with Think-Cell

With the think-cell add-in for PowerPoint, you can create beautiful charts with just a few clicks. Some of my favorites are Gantt charts, Mekko charts and adding automatics totals to stacked columns or bars.

4 Excel Settings to Review to be More Productive

Excel comes with default settings and options. You can change these to support your workflow and be more productive. This post covers my list of options to review.

Present Power BI Reports in PowerPoint

With the new Power BI integration for PowerPoint, you get to embed your live Power BI dashboard in your PowerPoint presentation. The process is smooth. Check it out in this complete tutorial.

How to Bulk Combine PDF Files in Excel

Use this button you already have in Excel to bulk combine and import PDF files to Excel. Forget copy, paste, manually typing values or using 3rd party tools. Get it dynamic too so you just need to drop a new PDF in a folder and the data is immediately imported to Excel.

How to Use Organizational Data Types In Excel

Organizational data types allow you to create your own rich custom data types in the Excel Ribbon. Technically you‘d create them in Power BI and have them show up in the Excel Menu of your team members. This tutorial shows you what organizational data types are and you can set them up from scratch.

Excel VSTACK Function – The One Excel Formula to Append Them All

This is a real-life example of Excel’s VSTACK function. Quickly stack data from multiple sheets (even as many as 15 sheets!), filter out blank cells and even sort the summary table.

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