Regex in Excel

Discover the power of regex in Excel. Learn how to use regular expressions to clean data, validate entries, and format text efficiently.

How to Strike Through Text in Excel

Learn how to easily strikethrough text in Excel. Use our easy methods to mark completed tasks, show revisions, and cross out ideas.

How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel

Learn how to remove blank rows in Excel and keep your spreadsheets clean and error-free. Discover different methods for data cleaning.

How to Use SUMIF Function in Excel

Excel’s SUMIF function is like a smart calculator. It helps you add up numbers that meet a certain rule you set.

Waterfall chart template Excel download

Excel Waterfall Charts

Quickly create impactful Waterfall Charts with our simple Excel templates. Just download, adjust to your needs, and your report is ready!

How to Screenshot on Windows

Learn how to screenshot with the Snipping Tool in Windows. Capture screenshots, make notes, and share them easily.

How to Insert a Check Mark in Excel

Learn how to insert check marks and cross marks in Excel and understand the difference between check marks and checkboxes.

CAGR Formula in Excel

Learn how to calculate CAGR using Excel and find out the average growth rate of your investments over time.

How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel

There is no built-in Gantt chart in Excel, but in this tutorial, you will find an easy workarounds using a scatter plot with a creative error bars technique.

Business Charts in Excel

Create Business charts that grab attention AND auto-update. Wow your coworkers and managers with smart time-saving techniques.


For a long time, VLOOKUP was the go-to way to find things in Excel. But now that more people can use XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP’s top spot is in question. XLOOKUP is a newer, better tool for looking up things in Excel. It’s more powerful than VLOOKUP. Let’s compare the two.

VLOOKUP Function

Explore Excel’s VLOOKUP function with this detailed guide. Master the art of searching and retrieving spreadsheet data, from basics to advanced techniques. Ideal for enhancing Excel skills and boosting productivity. Start using VLOOKUP with confidence today.

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