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Power Query Course

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Power Query is essential for Excel users who work with lots of data. This course teaches you how to use Excel in Power Mode and create meaningful reports with far less effort.

Excel Essentials for the Real World

Learn time-saving hacks to work smarter in Excel. Our members also consistently report a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course.

Top Excel Interview Questions – Be Ready for your Next Interview

In this article, I summarize the MOST COMMON Excel questions that are currently asked during interviews. This covers positions such as business or MIS analyst, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst or more senior positions. You’ll be surprised at the level of Excel that’s currently required for some of these positions.

How to Use Excel Macros to Save Time and Automate Boring Tasks

If you find yourself repeatedly performing the same steps in the same order in Excel, your brain should immediately declare, “I should automate this with an Excel macro!”. You will see that VBA doesn’t have to be scary and that you can easily generate VBA code by recording your actions.

When to Use the Hash Sign (#) in Excel Formulas

What is the Hash sign (#) in Excel formulas and when should you use it? The hash sign was the best addition to Excel and you SHOULD be using it. But most people use it wrong. Check out this post to learn when and why you should use the pound sign in your formulas.

Excel #SPILL! Error – What is it and How Can You Correct it

What is the Excel Spill error and how can you fix it? Sometimes it’s obvious but sometimes it’s not clear why you get this error. Find out why and how to fix it in this article.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

Learn to properly convert PDF files to Excel without losing any formatting. With this method you can even refresh your Excel result to grab the latest data from your PDF file.

4 Hidden Excel Dashboard Design Tips for Beautiful Reports

You can spend a lot of time on design and formatting when you create Excel dashboards. Discover 4 hidden tips that will make the process a lot easier.

How to Create a Custom Progress Bar in Excel with VBA

A progress bar is a great addition for Excel macros that take long to run. It gives your project a more professional touch. It’s also quite easy to add. You can create your progress bar once and reuse it in your Excel VBA projects.

Practical Excel Dashboards Tips – Ideas to Get Creative

This Excel dashboard combines 4 strange features to create a dynamic and practical dashboard. It includes FILTER function with XLOOKUP, XOR function, Linked Picture as well as an Icon. You’ll find a lot of hidden gems in the way this Excel dashboard was created.

How to Use Excel VBA GetOpenFileName to Browse and Select File

You can use Excel VBA GetOpenFileName method to copy data from another Excel file by browsing for and selecting the file from the Open File Dialog Box.

Learning Excel Custom Number Formatting

Learn all about Excel’s custom formatting – what is the rule for the custom formatting dialog box? How can you use it to hide zero values and much more.

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The ONE Critical Excel Skill You Need

This free Excel guide will help you to:

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