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How to Use Google Sheets Smart Fill

With SmartFill in Google Sheets you get to auto fill a column based on a pattern. For example, if you’d like to grab the first name of a person, you don’t have to write the formula. Just write the end result and Sheets will fill down with the correct formula.

How to Use Google Sheets Filters & Filter Views

Learn how to use Filter and Filter Views in Google Sheets. A Filter View is really easy to create. Plus, you get to sort your data without changing the original sort order.

How to Use Google Sheets Version Recovery and Cell Edit History

With Version Recovery and Version History in Google Sheets you get to easily revert back to any previous version of your Google Spreadsheet. You can even create Named versions and use cell edit history to track changes to values inside cells.

Excel vs. Google Sheets – Is Excel Better?

These are 10 Excel features that are better than Google Sheets. This post is like a “top 10 tips and tricks” type of post. Even if you’re currently using Excel, you might discover new tips you can use.

Google Sheets vs. Excel – Is Google Sheets Better?

Is Google Sheets the right spreadsheet application for you? Or should you go with Excel? Here is a list of 10 features where Google Sheets beats Excel. It’s a mix of Google sheets basic to advanced functions and hidden features.

Power Query Course

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Power Query is essential for Excel users who work with lots of data. This course teaches you how to use Excel in Power Mode and create meaningful reports with far less effort.

Excel VBA and macros course cover

Unlock Excel VBA & Excel Macros

Automate ANYTHING you need done in Excel with VBA and macros. Go from Beginner to VBA Expert and design automations with confidence.

Free Guide!

The ONE Critical Excel Skill You Need

This free Excel guide will help you to:

  • Pinpoint the Excel skill you should work on now
  • Understand how this skill can help you
  • Find the optimal learning path to master this skill