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Best Excel Features for Accountants

Learn the 10 most important Excel features for accountants. This list is not just for those that work in accounting but also anyone who uses Excel for data analysis. You’ll discover new Excel tips and tricks that will make your working life a lot easier.

Do You Need to Learn Google Sheets?

What can Google Sheets do and should I learn it? This was a question I asked myself some time ago. I noticed more companies were switching to Google Sheets specially because of the events of 2020. In this post I talk about what Google Sheets can do.

Excel vs. Google Sheets – Is Excel Better?

These are 10 Excel features that are better than Google Sheets. This post is like a “top 10 tips and tricks” type of post. Even if you’re currently using Excel, you might discover new tips you can use.

How to Get Top Values in Excel with the FILTER Function

Create an Excel report with the top values and categories. Sort them by ranking and also handle duplicated (tied) values. Get it done fast with Excel new dynamic array Sort & Filter formulas.

How to Switch Data in Columns to Rows in Excel with Power Query

Here is the easiest way you can switch data from columns to rows in Excel. It involves NO formulas, NO Transpose – just simply UNPIVOT with Get & Transform. After-all tabular data sets are easier to work with.

How to Create a Project Plan in Excel with Gantt Charts

With this complete Excel Gantt chart, you can professionally present your project timeline. It includes task completion, planned timeline versus actual view in one single chart.

How to Present Survey Results in Excel with a Chart

What’s an effective way to visualize survey results in Excel? Specially results of an employee satisfaction survey? In this tutorial, you’ll find an impressive way to chart survey results in Excel. It’s not as difficult as you think.

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