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How to Properly Handle Dates in Excel Pivot Tables

Handling dates in Excel Pivot Tables can get tricky. How can you quickly ungroup the dates? Or get your own custom grouping for fiscal periods? How can you show all the dates including the ones with no values? This tutorial covers it all!

How to use Excel’s LOOKUP Function

The lookup function is the simplest function in Excel. It can return exact or approximate matches and it’s super easy to write. Yet many people prefer VLOOKUP because it’s easier to understand. In this tutorial, I’ll explain the LOOKUP function by using a simple, followed by a more complex example.

How to Learn Financial Analysis

The reason most people fail at understanding financial analysis is that they fail to understand the fundamental concepts. Concepts such as debits and credits, journal entries, trial balance and how these connect to the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

How to Lock & Unlock Cells in Microsoft Excel

There are many ways you can lock cells in Excel to protect others from overwriting your formulas and your data. I’ll show you an easy way in this quick tutorial.

How to Properly Use the Excel TEXTSPLIT Function

Excel’s TEXTSPLIT function can split words into separate cells. You can have multiple delimiters, you just have to know how to define these properly. You can also do amazing things like splitting into columns and rows and internally sorting words.


Excel recently released a set of new functions like VSTACK, TEXTSPLIT and TOCOL that will have you looking forward to working with complex files and data because your life just got more exciting (at least mine did!).

How to Do Many-to-One Side Calculations in Data Models with DAX

In Power BI or Power Pivot, you often need to create reports that go from the many side of the relationship to the one side. How can you do that without expanding your data model by adding more columns to your table? There is an easy trick you can use to solve this with a single DAX formula. Of course, the formula uses the CALCULATE function.

Excel LAMBDAs Made Easy with the New Advanced Formula Environment (Editor)

The new Microsoft Excel Advanced Formula Add-in makes it easy to write and manage LAMBDAs in Excel.
It’s a “new” version of Name Manager and hopefully it could replace Name Manager in the future.

Avoid these 7 Common Errors in Microsoft Excel (and how to fix them)

How do you fix broken Excel formulas? What do you do when the formulas return errors? Find out what the most common Excel formula errors are and how you can fix them. It’s easy! You just need the right approach. This post covers it all!

10 Power BI Tips & Tricks

Power BI can do THAT? Learn 10 quick tips to enhance your Power BI dashboards: Conditionally format charts, create a separate measures table, customize your own tool tips and a lot more.

Create Searchable Drop-Down Lists in Excel with ZERO Effort

It takes ZERO effort to now get searchable drop-down lists in Excel. Excel’s data validation list now offers autocomplete by default. Empty cells are skipped too! This is all for desktop and online version. Check out this post to find out more.

7 Things You’re Doing Wrong (or perhaps not the best way) in Excel

Don’t merge cells in Excel – Don’t Copy Excel sheets without updating links – Don’t hide rows and columns! There are better ways of doing these things. Find out 7 things you’re doing wrong in Excel and how to do it correctly.

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