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PowerPoint Design Tips for Memorable Presentations

How do you create professional looking PowerPoint slides? It comes down to small things. Most of which we don’t notice when we watch presentations we love. I’ve broken it down into 5 tips which you can apply to your PowerPoint slides.

5 PowerPoint Hacks Everyone Should Know

Do you know these 5 PowerPoint hacks? With these you can get your PowerPoint presentation done a lot faster. Not only that, but your presentation will also look more professional.

How to Work with Time in Excel Power Query

Working with time in Excel – for example calculating hours worked or summing or subtracting time can get tricky with Excel formulas. Let me show you how Power Query can easily do these for you.

How to Combine Multiple Sheets Into One Pivot Table

Can you easily combine & clean data from multiple Excel sheets into a single table or Pivot Table? You can easily get this done in Excel with Get & Transform (aka Power Query). Check out the full post.

Create Excel Filled Map Charts with Power Query

Go from raw data to a filled map chart in Excel. Power Query will help summarize the data and make the whole process dynamic. Use Excel filled maps to create an impressive visualization for your reports.

What is Power Query and Why Should You Use It?

What can Excel Power Query do for you? It can help you in more ways than you think. Not only can you import big data from different locations, but you can also replace complex formulas with a few clicks.

How to Transform Text with Power Query – Upper Case, Split Text or Format Text Easily

Discover the Easiest way to transform text in Excel. Separate words, split cells by delimiter, extract text after space, extract numbers from text and a lot more. Excel Power Query has powerful text transformation options.

How to Create Roadmaps in PowerPoint and How to Use Them

It’s one thing to have to sit through a boring presentation. It’s quite another to give a boring presentation. The solution is a simple roadmap. Discover how you can add road-maps to your presentations.

How to Merge Shapes in PowerPoint

The merge shapes tool allows you to create a professional PowerPoint presentation. This way you can create custom shapes and even insert an image into a shape. Using Intersect or Fragment options you can also create custom PowerPoint typography.

How to Switch Data in Columns to Rows in Excel with Power Query

Here is the easiest way you can switch data from columns to rows in Excel. It involves NO formulas, NO Transpose – just simply UNPIVOT with Get & Transform. After-all tabular data sets are easier to work with.

How to Use PowerPoint SLIDE ZOOM

Quickly learn how to use PowerPoint’s Slide Zoom feature to make more exciting and dynamic PowerPoint presentations. Take a look at this “before” and “after” slide presentation. What a difference a small feature can make!

How to Best Present Charts in PowerPoint

Choosing the right Chart animation in PowerPoint is the secret to a professional presentation. In this quick tutorial find out how to link your Excel chart to PowerPoint and how to animate the graph to support your story.

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