Create Searchable Drop Down Lists in Excel with ZERO Effort

It takes ZERO effort to now get searchable drop-down lists in Excel. Excel’s data validation list now offers autocomplete by default. Empty cells are skipped too! This is all for desktop and online version. Check out this post to find out more.

7 Things You’re Doing Wrong (or perhaps not the best way) in Excel

Don’t merge cells in Excel – Don’t Copy Excel sheets without updating links – Don’t hide rows and columns! There are better ways of doing these things. Find out 7 things you’re doing wrong in Excel and how to do it correctly.

Combining Data from Multiple Cells – Text and Numbers

Learn practical and easy methods (including a hidden tip not many know about) to combine data from multiple cells into a single cell in Excel.

Top Excel Functions for Engineers

If you’re a Mechanical Engineer, make sure you know these 10 Excel functions. Your work-life will become much easier once you learn these Excel formula combinations.

Learn Power BI – Tutorial for Beginners

Get started with Power BI now by creating your first dashboard. Download the free files, follow along and in 20 minutes you’ll have setup your interactive dashboard which you’ve published to the web!

DAX CALCULATE Function Made Easy to Understand

If you’d like to “see” how the DAX CALCULATE function works, then you need this tutorial. It will show you how the CALCULATE function works and delivers results.

3 Hidden Tips for Excel Power Pivot

These 3 hidden Excel Power Pivot tips will help you to: Copy your data model from one file to another, create a dedicated measures table and convert your pivot table data to formulas.

Forecasting in Excel Made Simple

Learn how to easily create a forecast in Excel – even if you have seasonality. It just takes one click and Excel can forecast the next months for you!

How to Use the Excel SCAN Function

Learn how to use the new Excel SCAN function! This function is a Lambda helper function. You can use it to “scan” a range and apply a calculation to each cell. In this example you’ll learn how to use SCAN to get to-date values and how you can tweak it to return YTD values.

Introduction to PERCENTILE and PERCENTRANK Functions in Excel

Learn the meaning of percentile in introductory statistics and how to calculate Percentile in Excel. There are two functions one is PERCENTILE.INC and the other PERCENTILE.EXC. I’ll explain the difference and also how you can calculate PERCENTRANK in Excel.

Office 2021 – New Functions and Enhancements

Here’s why you should upgrade to Office 2021 if you’re on 2019 or 2016 (and for some reason you can’t upgrade to 365). You get life-changing Excel functions like XLOOKUP, UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT and a lot more. I cover what you get when you upgrade in this post.

How to Repeat Table Values x Times Using Power Query

With this trick you can easily combine and repeat blocks of values together in Excel. You don’t need copy pasting or complicated formulas. Just a tiny bit of Power Query. This keeps your solution dynamic too.

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