Borealis reference for Xelplus

Leila designed an automated report that we use in statutory reporting. This saved us hours of manual work, as the interface with SAP R/3 and the logic was rather complicated, and allows a flexible re-performance of the exercise. The tool was designed in Excel using Visual Basic (VBA). It is easy to maintain and user-friendly. With Leila’s high level of personalised service and expertise, we were able to deliver within the deadline and have a solution available for the next round.

Martin Hanacek, Group Accounting Manager, Borealis AG
Telekom Austria reference for Xelplus

The Excel Visualization training helped me prepare new graphs that can be proposed to group management. The new visualization techniques will help to enhance our controlling reports. I liked the fact that it was based on real examples using our data.

Cecile Hardy, Controlling, Telekom Austria Group

We use Excel a lot and have a lot of big and slow files. Some of the tasks we do are very repetitious and manual. We approached Leila to help us speed up some of these tasks. She helped us by replacing these repetitious tasks with Excel Macros. We ended up saving a huge amount of time which could now be spent doing our proper job, instead of spending time doing boring and manual tasks which were also prone to mistakes.

We especially liked Leila’s professionalism, her precise, clear and fast feedback. She is a very friendly and competent person. We would recommend Leila to anyone who needs an Excel Master! She became our hero! Thanks to her we are now even HAPPY to do those tasks which before were flagged in our department as Nightmare ones!

Claudia Farner, Operation Service Specialist EMEA, Dufry
Mondi reference for Xelplus

Leila has a very deep knowledge of Hyperion Financial Management, both from the technical and user perspective. As project manager, she was responsible for the successful implementation of our HFM applications used for consolidation and reporting purposes of Mondi Group. She is very results oriented, has the ability to simplify complex subjects, is very analytical, and has a structured working style. Leila has trained our users with outstanding feedback. Her training sessions are fully customized based on our needs and requirements. I highly recommend her.

Walter Seyser, Controlling Director Europe & International , Mondi AG
FreyWille reference for Xelplus

Das Excel-Seminar hat mir geholfen um Auswertungen und Analysen effizienter zu bearbeiten und unsere komplexen Dateien zu vereinfachen. Besonders gefallen hat mir der Abschnitt über Pivot-Tabellen. Ich empfehle das Seminar weil die Trainerin sehr einfach und klar komplizierte Themen erklärt.

Sara Dell’Ariccia, Product Manager, FreyWille

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Sample References From Training Participants

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The Excel Visualization training help me discover new techniques that will:  1) Save time which is crucial in the controlling and Finance Departments and 2) Better illustrate the message of the graphs. The training was practical, click here, click there… and when you see how nice & fast the results are, you think about the time you could have saved. I recommend the training to anyone who needs to prepare reports/presentations and needs to prepare them fast.

Sergiu Bors, Controlling / Telekom Austria Group

The material of the training was essential for my daily work, so my expectations were high. Leila was very thorough and keen on detail, and made sure everyone understood all parts of the training. The material was very well presented and taught and it was also interactive, so everyone could leave with their questions answered. Leila’s style was very professional and in my opinion she understands people good, being able to kindly help and communicate with all of the participants. Leila really knows the material she is instructing, and I would recommend to anyone who needs training in Oracle HFM or Microsoft Excel, because the experience and professionalism she brings to her trainings is on a very high level, meeting expectations.

David Somogyi, Controlling / Austria

Leila’s training helped me become aware of the variety of smart and advanced functions Excel offers. One thing I specifically liked was the combination of theory and practice. We had the ability to work on “real life” files. I found the experience valuable and ready to be used in my daily tasks. I would recommend the training to anyone who’d like to expand their knowledge and become faster in Excel.

Martina Strassl, Head of Controlling Europe & International and Uncoated Fine Paper, Mondi AG / Austria

I have been using Excel for over 10 years and I actually considered myself to be advanced until I watched this course. I work in the finance department and there are so many aspects of this training I can now implement to improve our existing reports. I really enjoyed the different presentation tools and Leila’s practical approach. The included exercises really helped me to test my knowledge. Highly recommended training!

Randy Taylor

Excellent course featuring loads of easily understood content. It helped me become very competent and comfortable with pivot tables along with a host of other functionality. It’s easily understood and also easy to follow. Instructor speaks clearly and explains things well, very helpful so the information is easily retained. Furthermore, it serves as a great reference if I need to complete a task in Excel using functionality that I don’t use frequently and may need a quick refresher on. Thanks.

Carlo Miano

This is the first time I find online courses really of great value and it is entirely due to the smart approach of the lecturer and the great quality of the content. Extremely useful insights explained in an easy to understand manner. Thank you so much for bringing that knowledge to us through this course Leila!


The Oracle HFM user training showed me how to put together my own reports and helped me understand some of the basic and even not so basic functionalities. The content covered the functionalities that were most practical and helpful for day to day work, and everything was taught in an easy to understand way. I found the experience outstanding, much needed and way overdue. Leila is an excellent instructor. One of the best I’ve ever had.

Ron Saia, Finance Director, Tekkote / USA

Leila’s Oracle Hyperion Financial Management User training helped me identify a great number of reporting opportunities via download functions. I enjoyed the patient manner in which the training was conducted. It was a very valuable experience as it helps to enhance my contributions to my employer. I recommend the training to people who need to use their time at work more productively.

Paul Gruszecki, Controlling / USA

The advanced training helped me improve my knowledge of HFM, by learning about Data Grids, Process Management and Ad-hoc queries. One thing I liked was that we were able to ask all our questions and receive complete, understandable answers.

Marion Albers, Accounting, Mondi Greven / Germany

We required an Excel template that records and reports on environmental incidents. The template had to be user-friendly, dynamic, interactive and above all easy to manage and maintain centrally. Leila’s template fully met our expectations. We especially liked the user-friendliness of the template which can be used and managed by anyone. As we have also attended her training sessions, we recommend Leila for anyone who needs an Excel or Oracle Hyperion Financial Management training as well as creation of Excel templates and dashboards connected to source systems.

Arghavan Saljoughi, Sustainable development / Mondi Group