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How to Combine Files From a Folder with Excel Power Query

Learn the easiest way to combine multiple Excel files into one Workbook. With Power Query you can import files directly from a folder and append them into one table or Pivot Table. It just takes a few clicks.

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5 Hidden Excel Features for Busy People

Learn five amazing time-saving features in Excel that you likely have never tried or even knew existed. Turn hours of work into seconds.

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Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel (eBook)

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Insert Image in Excel Cell (and Lookup Images)

Learn how to use the new “Image in Cell” feature in Excel to store and lookup images from cells.

Import Power BI Data into Excel

Learn how to export data from Power BI and use it in Excel. The data can be enhanced by Excel and receive updates from Power BI when new data is added to the Power BI Data Model.

Excel Find and Highlight Duplicates

Learn to locate duplicate values in a list, between multiple lists, as well as duplicate rows in a table. Generate a report that lists all duplicates.

Automate With Power Query – Recipes to solve business data challenges

Do you want to become more confident using Power Query and automate your entire data workflow? Join this course and learn from real-world scenarios.

Excel Insights by 24 MVPs – eBook with Bonus Video

This book shares a wide variety of advanced and new techniques. Bonus videos on Data Presentation included.

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