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Learn Power BI – Tutorial for Beginners

Get started with Power BI now by creating your first dashboard. Download the free files, follow along and in 20 minutes you’ll have setup your interactive dashboard which you’ve published to the web!

DAX CALCULATE Function Made Easy to Understand

If you’d like to “see” how the DAX CALCULATE function works, then you need this tutorial. It will show you how the CALCULATE function works and delivers results.

How to Include Measures (or KPIs) inside Slicers – Excel Interactive Dashboard Trick

With Pivot Charts in Microsoft Excel, you can add slicers to add interactive functionality to your dashboards. But what about adding even more interactivity? You could give the user the ability to change the relevant KPI in the chart from the slicer. You just need a tiny bit of DAX.

Excel Convert Multiple Rows to Columns (Transpose but with Multiple Values)

Pivoting columns in Excel is a common task when cleaning and organizing data. Sometimes you have a complex scenario where you have multiple values when switching columns. You’ll have to combine these multiple values into one cell. I’ll show you 3 methods to get this done.

Top Excel Interview Questions – Be Ready for your Next Interview

In this article, I summarize the MOST COMMON Excel questions that are currently asked during interviews. This covers positions such as business or MIS analyst, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst or more senior positions. You’ll be surprised at the level of Excel that’s currently required for some of these positions.

Best Excel Features for Accountants

Learn the 10 most important Excel features for accountants. This list is not just for those that work in accounting but also anyone who uses Excel for data analysis. You’ll discover new Excel tips and tricks that will make your working life a lot easier.

Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Google Sheets

This is the list of my favorite tips and functions in Google Sheets. If you’re new to Google Sheets, this list will give you an overview of the potential of Sheets. If you’re advanced, you’ll probably find some new features and functions you didn’t know about.

Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Excel to Get You Started Fast

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel. How a spreadsheet is setup, and how you can enter data in Excel. Learn useful Excel shortcuts. Understand how the menu bar (the Excel Ribbon) works and where to find different features. This basic tutorial is for all versions of Excel.

Must-Know Excel Functions for 2024

This is the list of the most useful, new Excel Functions you need to know. These will save you from wasting time with complex formulas!

Do You Need to Learn Google Sheets?

What can Google Sheets do and should I learn it? This was a question I asked myself some time ago. I noticed more companies were switching to Google Sheets specially because of the events of 2020. In this post I talk about what Google Sheets can do.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

Learn to properly convert PDF files to Excel without losing any formatting. With this method you can even refresh your Excel result to grab the latest data from your PDF file.

Excel vs. Google Sheets – Is Excel Better?

These are 10 Excel features that are better than Google Sheets. This post is like a “top 10 tips and tricks” type of post. Even if you’re currently using Excel, you might discover new tips you can use.

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