excel sum by year sumif by month and year sumifs month and yearHow do you write dynamic YTD formulas in Excel?

I’ll show you how using SUMPRODUCT, OFFSET & SUM functions.

In this video, you’ll see a way of writing YTD formulas (in this specific case for volume and price) when your data set goes over a few years. i.e. each month occurs more than once.

If you were doing this manually, you’ll need to revise your formula in the middle of your data set to make your range start from January of the next year.

OFFSET allows you to create dynamic ranges – when you use this with the Month() and SUM() functions, you’ve created a smart formula that recognizes when the data goes over to the next year and revises your YTD calculation.

Calculating, YTD price can be a bit trickier.

To get the volume weighted average price, you need to multiply the volume by the price and add each month to the next up to the current month.

Then divide that value by the YTD volume.

This is when knowing how to use Excel’s advanced formulas together can become helpful.

Here the SUMPRODUCT function together with OFFSET can come to the rescue.

Watch the steps in this video:

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