Creative Infographics in Excel

Creative infographics in Excel (Male, Female icons) Using fillable icons on charts is a good way to visualize data. In this example, the male and female icons will be used. To do this: Set up the data table Insert a clustered column

Lookup on Pictures

Dynamic Picture Lookup in Excel Just 5 easy steps - No VBA How can you lookup different pictures based on the value of a cell? Just to give you a heads up. This is a VBA-free tutorial! We saw the dynamic picture

Excel Dependent Drop Down List with Tabular Data

Handle dynamic data validation lists that refer to parts of your table only  Excel Dependent Drop Down List with Tabular Data without Named Ranges   There are some cases where you need to create a dependent drop down list using a source

Excel Pivot Chart with Slicers

Get Weekday name from date and use Slicers Excel Pivot Chart with Slicers   Some reports require an interactive analysis of a large data set. In this example, we have a data set of daily closing prices as shown below: We want

Excel Charts: Special Excel Graphs (InfoCharts)

How can you create this chart in Excel? The first time I saw a similar chart was in a report published by Udemy called Learning Trends & predictions in 2017. They used a similar chart to the one below (this one just has sample data

5 Design Tips for Better Excel Dashboards

What results do you want to show in your Excel dashboard? What should readers take away from it? These five design tips will help you showcase your data clearly and directly. Scroll down for the video. Learn how to create this interactive Excel report

Excel, BI or Both?

This is a question I often get when implementing new reports or dashboards. Where to implement? Purchase a dashboard solution to sit on top of the BI solution or simply use Excel for it? Use Excel to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or use

Why Managers Might Not be a Fan of Business Dashboards

According to the Oxford dictionary, a business dashboard is “A graphical summary of various pieces of important information, typically used to give an overview of a business” An effective dashboard fulfils the following criteria* 1.Simple, communicates easily 2.Minimum could cause confusion 3.Supports organized