Infographics in Excel: NOT your Usual Bar Chart

In this tutorial you learn how to create a bar chart that includes the male/female icon in a dynamic way. Let's assume you'd like to show the percentage of male/female visitors to your store - and you'd like to show it, like the image

Excel Charts: Special Excel Graphs (InfoCharts)

How can you create this chart in Excel? The first time I saw a similar chart was in a report published by Udemy called Learning Trends & predictions in 2017. They used a similar chart to the one below (this one just has sample data

Waterfall Chart in Excel 2016 – Advantages & Limitations

Do you use Waterfall Charts in your Reports? Watch the video to learn how to use the built-in Excel 2016 Waterfall chart. You'll be surprised how easy it is! You'll also see why I still prefer to create it from scratch using other chart combinations.

Excel Charts: Matrix or Excel Panel Charts

When you have too much to tell, don't tell it all in one overcrowded chart. Instead create a panel chart: ONE chart that looks like mini charts placed beside each other. Watch this video to learn how to best visualize many variables in one Excel graph: