Excel OFFSET Function for Dynamic Calculations

Do you want to create formulas that "move" with your raw data set? That's when you need to use Excel's OFFSET function. OFFSET is a great formula whenever you have dynamic ranges involved. Some examples are: Calculating the average of the last three months when

Master Excel’s SUMPRODUCT Formula

Are you currently using the SUMPRODUCT formula in your Excel files? I wouldn't be surprised if you say "No". Many know of it, but hesitate to use it. Or they don't think it's the right formula for the task at hand. Chances are it is.

Excel Charts: Dynamic Line Series Labels

Default legends are too much work. Not for you, because they are there by default but they can be a lot of work for your readers. They need to think more than they should about which color or texture belongs to which category. Do

Excel, BI or Both?

This is a question I often get when implementing new reports or dashboards. Where to implement? Purchase a dashboard solution to sit on top of the BI solution or simply use Excel for it? Use Excel to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or use

Speed Up Your Excel Files

Are you tired of dealing with slow Excel files? Then follow these steps to speed them up! You can click and download the document. To become confident and advanced in Excel at your own pace, check out my latest online course: Advanced Excel: Top 10 Tips

How to Fix Slow Excel Spreadsheets

I believe Excel is meant to handle a lot of data and a lot of complicated calculations without getting slow. What makes it slow -  in majority of the cases - is poorly designed spreadsheets. First of all let’s have a look at what makes