Sheets – Unique List from Multiple Columns

How can you get a unique list of values based on multiple columns? Use the hidden Google Sheets FLATTEN function to get a unique list of values from multiple columns. You just have to combine it with UNIQUE and you're done!

Google Sheets QUERY Function

The Query function in Google Sheets is one of the most powerful functions in Google Sheets. It's easy to learn if you follow the rules laid out in this tutorial. You'll be able to solve any data analysis problem that comes your way.

Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE Function

Learn how to use IMPORTRANGE in Google Sheets. This function is great when you'd like to import data from other spreadsheets. You can also use it together with QUERY to import and append data from multiple sheets.

Google Sheets Dependent Drop-Down Lists

Learn how to create dependent drop-down lists in Google Sheets. Dependent drop-downs can be tricky in Google Sheets because you can't add a formula to the drop-down version of the data validation. But there is another way.

Create QR Code for Free

Easily create QR codes for free. You can copy and paste the QR code into any application including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I use a function in Google Sheets to set this up. You can grab your copy and replace the URLs with your own.

Google Sheets Column Stats Cleanup

Cleanup Suggestions and Column Statistics in Google Sheets In late 2020, Google released a new feature to Sheets called Smart Clean-up. Smart Clean-up has two main purposes: Cleanup Suggestions – Examine the dataset for potential problems, like duplicate rows in a table,

Smart Fill in Google Sheets

With SmartFill in Google Sheets you get to auto fill a column based on a pattern. For example if you'd like to grab the first name of a person, you don't have to write the formula. Just write the end result and Sheets will fill down with the correct formula.

Google Sheets Filter View

Learn how to use Filter and Filter Views in Google Sheets. A Filter View is really easy to create. With Filter Views you keep the original view of the data for your collaborators. Plus you get to sort your data without changing the original sort order.

Google Sheets Version History

With Version Recovery and Version History in Google Sheets you get to easily revert back to any previous version of your Google Spreadsheet. You can even create Named versions and use cell Edit History to track changes to values inside cells.