Learn Financial Analysis

The reason most people fail at understanding financial analysis is that they fail to understand the fundamental concepts. Concepts such as debits and credits, journal entries, trial balance and how these connect to the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

Forecasting in Excel Made Simple

Did you know you can easily create a forecast in Excel? In the example, I use data from The Home Depot and forecast the next two quarters. It's really easy, even if you need to take seasonality into consideration.

Top Excel Features for Accountants

Learn the 10 most important Excel features for accountants. This list is not just for those that work in accounting but also anyone who uses Excel for data analysis. You'll discover new Excel tips and tricks that will make your working life a lot easier.

Excel Functions for Accounting

Make sure you know these Excel functions if you work in Accounting, Finance or you are a Data Analyst. They'll make your work life a LOT easier and they work in all Excel versions (such as AGGREGATE, TRIM, ROUND & more)

Financial Leverage explained

In finance, leverage (or gearing) is about using debt (other people's money) rather than equity (your own money) for the purchase of an asset. This tutorial explains when this can be good for your business and when it can ruin your business.

Excel LAMBDA Function Explained

With the new Excel Lambda function you can create your own custom functions that you can reuse. The best thing about Excel Lambdas is you can create a function that loops through many cells. You can do this with ZERO coding!

Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money “A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.” It’s a saying that is true for any business as well as your own personal finances.  It’s a simple principle that has a fancy name…Time Value of Money. Take this example:  You’re selling a product for $10,000. 

Calculating Returns for a Rental Property

Properly calculate returns on your rental property investment. This free Excel ROI calculator, makes it easy for you. In fact, you can use it to calculate the returns on any type of investment.

Cash Flow Statement

The Cash Flow Statement The Cash Flow statement is one of the three main financial statements, but it is often overshadowed by its companion statements – the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. The Income Statement provides information on Revenue and Profit over a certain period of time The Balance Sheet gives

Cash vs Accrual Accounting

There are 2 different accounting methods: Cash Accounting and Accrual Accounting. Check out this article which explains the difference with a story. This makes it really easy to understand the difference between cash basis and accrual method of accounting.

Balance Sheet Secrets REVEALED with a Fun Demo

Balance Sheet Secrets REVEALED with a Fun Demo In this post, we're going to cover the basics of the balance sheet.  It's also called the statement of financial position. This is where many people get confused. I'm going to be honest with you; it confused me for many years. I'm going

PROPERLY Record Debits and Credits with Examples

PROPERLY Record Debits and Credits with Examples (EASIEST Method) Today we're going to apply our knowledge of debits and credits.  I'll show you how this translates into recording actual example transactions. We're going to use T-accounts in the beginning and move on to journal entries afterwards.

Debits and Credits MADE EASY with ADEx LER

Debits and Credits MADE EASY with ADEx LER If you want to learn accounting, the concept of debits and credits is one of the most important to understand. But, many struggle with it and for me, it was the same in the beginning because it's not something that's completely explainable with

Accounting Basics Explained Through a Story

Accounting Basics Explained Through a Story In this post, I'll give you an introduction to accounting by telling you a story. It's a story about Claudio, and how he runs his business in Italy. Before we start, let's just get clear on what accounting is. Accounting makes it possible to systematically