Office Scripts – Macros on the Web

This example gets you started with Office Scripts in Excel. You'll learn how to record a macro and how to modify the script to get a dynamic range. You'll also learn where to find the Office Script and how to save it with your workbook.

Microsoft Teams for Teachers

This Microsoft Teams guide for teachers, highlights 10 important features and tools of Teams for Education. These quick tips will make distance learning easier for teachers and students.

How to Use Microsoft Planner

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use Microsoft Planner to track your tasks as well as the tasks of your team members. Microsoft Planner can be used in Microsoft Teams to make sure your team projects stay organized and on track.

Teams Meeting Share Your Screen

Properly sharing your screen in a Microsoft Teams meeting is really important because you want your audience to remember what you shared. Screen resolution and whether you share desktop or window is a big factor. How can you properly share a PowerPoint presentation? Let's find out.

How to Use Microsoft Teams

This free training is your complete guide to Microsoft Teams. You'll learn how to hold online meetings, schedule meetings, use channels, chat and upload files. Bookmark it for future reference.