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Does Your Company Love Pie Charts?

So Does Everyone’s!

The reputation of pie charts has majorly dropped in the past years. For good reason too. Unfortunately, all the coverage by reputable media and books by visualization experts, still haven’t persuaded companies to stop using the pie chart.

Asking, is not enough. Convincing, is not enough. Provide them with a good tool, and they might say yes.

This video is your toolkit. Click HERE for the full course.

What works against pie charts:

  • Difficult to compare slice sizes & values, especially when they are close in size.
  • Can unnecessarily take up the readers time trying to match each slice with the correct category.
  • Can become messy.
  • Can be easily manipulated to give false impressions (Yes. Even Steve Jobs did it – fast forward to minute 8, but people have caught on…)

What works in their favor:

  • Can be created quicker than your boss can blink.
  • It’s a circle. which means it shows the full picture.
  • Require minimal additional explanation.

A compromise has to be made. I find Stephen Few’s suggestion (see video) to be just that!

Excel Dashboards that Inform & Impress

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